How do You know if your fap turbo is working

I just hooked it up … How do You know if it is trading… Can You see the trades it makes …MT4 platform? I have never used a robot and Have learned a few things but it is very difficult to find anything that teaches you What all the parameters and values mean … how do you know if your robot is working?

Lemme just get it outta the way before I answer your question… robots will never ever make you money in Forex consistently. I want you to think this through carefully. Do you seriously think you can purchase financial freedom for $99 or whatever they charge. If that was the case, we’d all be using robots.

Anywho… to answer your question. Make sure the Expert Advisor option is turned on. You’ll know by looking at the icon on the top where the tool bar is. It’s listed “Expert Advisor”. If it’s green, you’re good to go. If it’s red, then click the button.

Also, be sure to actually drag the losing… sorry… the purchased robot onto the chart itself. You’ll need to have it on any and every chart you have open.

Also, you’ll need to have MT4 open and running the entire time.

Then just sit back and watch as your account slowly drains away. When you’re ready to really start trading, run through the babypips school and hang out in this forum. We’ll be more than happy to actually educate you how to obtain financial success.

Until then, good luck.

I like You!! thanks for the response. I Actually got a really good deal on it. Thought I would try it. BUT for the last 4 months I actually been studying the forex markey and I have babyPips school in my favorites. I definately want to trade myself. I dont really trust a robot to do my work . I just need to review amd test the robot … I actually was trading ExpressFX and Liked it other then their delays:rolleyes: Just recently Went to the MT4 platform because the robot works off it… I have just registered in a fre forums… You know i am really liking this. Forex and all the people … its been tough … when You wake up one morning and say Im going to learn all that I can On the forex market … Its alot :eek:
again this is the first time I posted and actually had someone reply to my post :slight_smile: I guess Just happy …

u’ll know it’s running when u see ur equity go down!

When did you hook it up. Remember, FAP only trades 4 nights a week, so there would not have been any trade activity on your account since last thursday night.