How do you reinvest your profits?

Do you sell and buy with the money you made?

Well, i reach a certain ceiling, so i m milking. But before i reached my target I ofcourse reinvested the money mad. But perhaps you fill your account with so much money that you can already start milking. But most traders here don’t have that at the moment.

your money … in your account … should be …cash cow :53: … if not why to start investing in the first place … if you dont want to reinvest … just withdraw … and start again with your … initial deposit … and yes … sell/buy … that simple …

You try to cash out as much as possible and leave a sufficient amount on your account.
What you can do is leave a fixed amount on your account every time you withdraw.

Here’s the answer!

it depends of what you try to get out of trading.

if you can repeatidly make a certain % a month and you want to have 5000 a month for a ok life standard without worrying too much then have enough money on your account that generates X (money you mist have as basis on your account) times y(% gain you are able to have repeatidly every month) = 5000. X is the amount you must have, y is your own variable.

if thats your target then after you reached x you can withdraw all. if you want to make a lot money a lot more than in a average job then you should simply try to 25/75 model where after each month you withdraw 25% of gains and keep 75% of gains in tze account and always increase your positions after every month.

or you can go full risk and keep 100% of all gains after every month if you are aiming for millions.

all up to you and your choise and what you would like to achieve.

If you’ve made a comfortable and reasonable amount that can be withdrawn for starting some small scale business, then go and start something new. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, don’t make financial markets your only source of income.

Once I actually make some profits, I will withdraw my initial deposit. At that point anything I make I will feel comfortable with.

I keep 50% of my profit in my trading account and withdraw the other 50% every month. No matter how much is the profit, I keep half in my account for compounding.

I think that is the key moment in trading actually: What would you if you don’t make profit with your first deposit? Would you deposit and try again? Would you double your deposit so you could eventually cover the previous loss?
Same questions appear if you make profit with the first deposit and withdrawal it and after that you lose… Greed, desperation and hope could cause a lot of damage if you cannot control your emotions. However, that are just theories and are not applicable for every single person.
IMO you should always strive to assure that there is a two-ways traffic in your trading account and not only deposits (only withdrawals would be great though :D)

We can just invest our profits over and over again to make some more profit and for that Forex Trading would be the best way and also the investment should depend on the confidence level of the trader, like that we can make more money.

I too withdraw my real amount after getting profit then I am easy to trade with rest of amount. Now I had a plan that I will reinvest 50% of earning . and 50% will be my money to enjoy life. I hope forex will give me regular profits.

Yeah, everybody hopes that :slight_smile:

Yes that is good idea to enjoy 50% of your profits and rest of the amount should be reinvest it will gradually increase you capital . You can take more risk for next trading. I will mind to reinvest all profit because one should enjoy his profit for which he is hardworking.

The [I]proportion[/I] I withdraw each month varies, according to how well I’ve done, though the [I]amount[/I] doesn’t vary much. After “better months” I’m therefore able to grow the account a bit more, with a view to gradually increasing my position-sizing.

well hmm i guess there is no certain approach to it, yes at first i take back my investment gradually in proper proportions, then reinvest what i make as needed, but also take what i need, it does vary depending on the situation. no withdrawals for me on lossing/breakeven months lol.

When you not withdraw your profit and do trading it will automatically reused in trading there is no need to re invest it. If you cash out your profit after some days or again you can easily deposit funds in your trading account. Mostly deposits are instant and quick than withdraw.

We can invest the profits and earn more from it, but we also need to save some portion of our profits so that we can invest it when we lose a lot.

I spread my profits across 4 separate accounts with separate Brokers. All trading different lot sizes and strategies allowing me to gradually increase my position sizing. It also allows me to monitor the Brokers…

3% per account per day ($30 per $1000) is the current working model with compounding accelerating account growth.

If I am unfortunate enough to “blow up” an account I have 3 more Profit Centres ready and waiting to trade…

Its a business… If one cup cake maker breaks down… you still have to be able to supply cup cakes…

Some of the time, at least, my profits go to cover the losses I’ve incurred previously. If I’ve profited above that I withdraw some of it for personal use, the rest stays in my account to increase the size of the account for obvious reasons.