How do you stay updated?

With so many sources of information, how do you stay updated with the financial markets? Do you have a go-to source?

Yes, too many I suspect. However it’s my process being followed for every trade. Hopefully it’s a positive probability of being on the right side of a trade.

No need to dig too deep on it as you will be cramped with too much information in my opinion. But, do try to understand why does it important in a brief way of why does the news is important. Especially, the economic calendar. Do it whenever you have free time on the weekend.

Fundamental is very important because the institution is going to react based on whatever reports came out. If they say it’s important, so should you. This is because they are the one who can move the market, not us as retail traders. We making money by piggy back their trails.

Thanks @steve369. How do you stay up to date with what’s going on?

Thanks @icebear2. What economic calendar do you use?

To stay updated, I always view dailyfx calendar. I also stay active on different social media.

Thanks @IbrahimAliFX. Don’t you get confused when checking on social media? In my case that’s where I get information overload.

Which platforms in particular? :slight_smile:” > go to news section and find the economic calendar. You will have a brief of what might move the market in their home page also.

Order flow which moves price action.