How does one place fibronacci retracement on Oanda?

I would like to use Fibronacci retracements to check the location of AUD/JPY short, which is doing very well.

But I can’t find how to do it on Oanda. I have tried with the free java charting system I found via google but that only has 3 lines and as percentages which I have to set myself.

I tried meta trader 4 but found it confusing beyond imagination.

can anyone help?

All is well, a good day overall

The best way to use oanda is to get off of it and find a broker that is good. I don’t like oanda because they have a floating pip value, you have to invest too much money to get a good charting program, everytime you shut your computer down you lose all of your charting and they are too confusing by trading between the spread. I mean why do they go to 5 decimal points when everyone else only goes 4 points? This makes no sence and is only intended to confuse people.