How does one Rub elbows with these people?

How do people get aquainted with other traders professional and the novice alike?
Any answers,questions,comments would be much appreciated…
Well…at times I feel as though;like a lost child when comes to trading the forex market…been studing my heart and eyes out for 2 months;and when I get to thinking I know enough to get in and invest live money…
I lose my bottom on a DEMO account;so that tells me that I’m not what I think I am or can…does that make sence…
I need some hand holding…my girl friend doesn’t talk to me,my dog bites me and my kids hate me…so your all I have left in this world.
P.S. Have a good trading day!

We all need support in this big world of forex. Feel free to email me. :slight_smile:

I appreciate that Ramrocket…
Yea, this is a new ballgame for me and I can see if I ever get started trading the markets…it could become addictive for me.
Just messing around with it and trying to learn all I can about it; is intregueing for me.
If I think I can ,I can,If I never try ,I’ll never know.That’s what I say…

ONE that I read somewhere ,went like this:If ,It , Is,To, Be,It ,Is, Up, To ,Me

Don’t know who wrote that,but it works for me also.

Have a Good Trading Day!:slight_smile:

Keep your head up! Remember that trading is a profession, and like any other profession (doctor, lawyer, musician, etc) it takes time and experience. It’s not going to happen overnight. Keep up the hard work and I know you’ll be just fine! :slight_smile:

Bmystic, do you mind sharing your process of entering a trade? I’d like to get a better idea of how you think and what you do and see if we can’t find areas to possibly improve which would help you trade better.

How do you find trades? What method(s) do you use? Do you simply look at charts or also read fundies? Do you have a trading plan? If so, do you stick to it like white on rice or deviate from it like a slippery eel?

You remind me my first steps in lockal gum … i enter there i saw OMG big huge strong guys and i sad to me … i will be like them … fast ! I bougth all kind of bodibuilding books, magazines, read all internet sites , try every theory from every Great champion think that this guy know some magick. And whola … 6 years later … i’m one of big strong guys … many things run trough my head many thing i try many thing i learn, and most important thing that i learn is that to become huge and strong it’s reqire to be patient and constant and it take a time.You will never teleport your mind or body trought years of learning and traning.So when some of new guys in gum ask me what is your secret i answer him … to be patient and constant but … you wll undestand me after 5 years.I’m new to Forex trading i’m ,not new in trading at all and what i know is that if i wish to become good traider i need to be patient aways i have those words in my mind “Rome wasan’t build for 1 day”.So my advice is keep learning and keep trying and dont give up easy :slight_smile: that what will do i.

P.S. Sorry for my not good english this is not my mother’s language.

There are many Trading Systems out there. You can study them all or study a few. In the end you will come up with a TS that works for your type of personality. Keep it simple. One thing is for sure - there are pips to be made out there!