How does Zulutrade work?

Hello all, i just stumbled upon a website Zulutrade . com and i have few queries to make about how Zulutrade works?

  1. What does it mean to follow a trader on Zulutrade. Does it mean that our trades would be automatically placed in real time as soon as the trader (we follow) puts a trade ?
  2. What are advantages and disadvantages of following a single or multiple trader ?
  3. What does EA mean and what incentives does it provides to expert traders if they are guiding others during the whole process of trading…

I hope all my question makes some sense. Please reply. . .

The basics are: ZuluTrade adds additional fees and sometimes spread to your trade, so any edge you discover and copy from another trader on the platform is often erased through the additional costs and you end up just taking on risk while other people profit from your trading activity.

There are some exceptions, but not many. But often these exceptions (low volume traders that perform well with directional trades,) go on to suffer survivorship bias as more funds start tracking them, and eventually the risk they take on starts catching up to them causing drawdowns just as they reach the peek of their popularity.

Regardless of the results in your account, the trade copy provider (ZuluTrade) makes their cut.

There is no free lunch in this business.

I now await the droves of ZuluTrade affiliate markers and new users going to flood this thread with hate response to my post.

My friend, I am a long time follower on zulturade, can tell you, so you can take my word when i am talking about the platform.

  1. To follow a trader means that you copy the trades(positions) he opens and closes and according to the size of the account and the number of trades they got copied into your account. e.g. you copy NewWave with 0.01 lots and 3 trades means that these trades in the position they are ordered will appear in your accont.
  2. Multiple trades - advantages - differentiation or also called natural hedging - when some go bad others are going well, and this overall balances out and spreads the risk. In simple words you get more gains to cover the losses. FYI: works with large acccounts - pls do not open a 300$ account and follow 10 traders - ridiculously the account just doesn’t add up.
  3. Cant answer on the incentives part on the EAs as i am not a trader myself. But, from what I know, there is no distinction on the commission basis according to what strategy a trader is using, i know these are pretty standard.

My advise is - OPEN A DEMO and start playing around, it will all clear up to you, the more you know your platform, the more efficient your account management is. Do not forget, the trader’s job is to trade and be profitable in 95% of the time, yours is to protect your account level and do not expose to higher risk.
Hope I was clear :slight_smile:

Hello Eddy !! i just got the perfect answer i was looking for. So Zulutrade is a plateform where we follow certain traders and their traders are copied and implemented automatically on to our account.
That sounds amazing …
But what if i just want to monitor trading strategy of certain traders just for educational purposes ? and to learn how pros play !! Meanwhile i would have some account with any trader other then zulutrade. Would it be a good idea ?
Thank you very much for your kind reply …

well, Im sorry i doubt i cannot answer you here on that. :33:
I doubt you can manage to learn from the guys trading, as their strategies are quite flexible, but again, i am not a good one to judge as I have no idea about manual trading.

hi thank you thats so cristal clear what you actual mean is that experience trader, take time analysing charts for you and you must pay them for their effort and the rest is yours, when they win you win, and you did nothing, you just copied their trades. fair enough.