How Dymension(DYM) is Revolutionizing

Blockchain tech has been hailed as the future of the internet and the economy, but it also faces some major challenges, such as scalability, interoperability, and user experience. Many blockchain apps suffer from slow txns, high fees, and complex interfaces that limit their adoption and potential.
One of the most promising solutions to these challenges is the concept of rollups, which are layer-2 protocols that bundle multiple transactions into a single proof that is verified by the underlying blockchain. Rollups can significantly improve the scalability and security of blockchain applications, while reducing the load on the main chain.
However, existing rollup solutions are not without their own limitations. For instance, most rollups are not compatible with each other, which hinders communication and collaboration between different blockchain ecosystems. Moreover, most rollups are not easy to develop and deploy, which restricts the innovation and diversity of blockchain apps.
This is where DYM comes in. DYM is a novel blockchain platform that aims to overcome these limitations and enable the creation and connection of fast, scalable, and interactive rollup applications, called RollApps, within the Cosmos ecosystem.
Its token is already garnering some exposure leveraging on the user base of top tier Exchanges like Bitget, Binance, Kucoin among others, but was able to add some DYM to my pf at the former which happens to be doing well lately with their Protection Fund as well as their PoR.