How good is Babypips

I have found no better place to learn the forex from the ground up than right here in Baby pips.

I have started using a scalp strategy called sneak thief off the 1 min chart using the 8, 13 and 21 EMA’s when they 8 crosses the 21 then l enter the trade. l am looking for 5 pips profit and gauging off
the higher time frames may let 1 or 2 run.

This strategy has a high probability of success

yes, from all baby pips is the best place for learning , its completely free and traders can become knowledgeable very rapidly if he wants.

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pips is good. and there is a good chance to bring good knowledge and experience by means of learning , just you have to be active with great patience.

i always rate this forum only for psychology of school which is mainly considered as a best place to become knowledgeable as a newcomer.

I found this site from one guy in FF then start reading , n i have to thanks to Babypips, this site is awesome :+1:

With patience great things grow

Psychology is number one with trading and in close running with money management

its this site is just awesome and recommend by everyone above all beginners level. but according to me, their broker section should be develop more. its my personal opinion. thanks

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The information available here is second to none. The best source of information l have found