How high do you think will Ethereum go in 2021?

ETH almost hit $2700 just a couple of minutes ago. How high do you think will Ethereum go this year?

I think it will hit 5000$ soon.

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I think so too. ETH is on the coat tails of BTC for sure

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looking at the growth past december, seems like the 500 mark will be touched in 2021 itself.

Eth will easily hit 3k in this bull run which makes a 10x investment for myself. I only hold 1 Eth, with no plans to sell until 10k whenever that comes

Let me get my crystal ball out!

what has it said?

It looks like this is happening soon.

It’s been moving away in the past couple of days or if looked at another way it could also be catching up. As well know ETH used to be more that 10% of BTC and it hasn’t reached that point yet for this run.

Good call. 3500 now. :sweat_smile:

This is exactly how I see it, the majority of the other alt coins just follow btc too.

Looking at $10k too. So def time to buy more during the pullback!

It’s actually hard to say whether it’ll continue the same pace or not. You never know how the market will work tomorrow. One event that holds a negative impact, the value will fall.

True. However, some say ETH will overtake BTC in market cap.

Really??? That sounds crazy.

i believe between 3000-3500 not more than that

We all know it is difficult to beat bitcoin. But Etherum plays very well. I think, in 2021 Ehtereum will beat the $3700 price & the upcoming years will grow more than we expected.

Meanwhile the chart doesn’t look so hot now.

I hope all you price callers sold out on the parabolic top.

No market deserves to be stretched 200% above its 200 day moving average for more than a few days.

I suspect a long side ways grind until the playas in this sector are so psychologically beaten up - and instead of euphoric price projections we get ones about how low the price will fall.

We need rotten sentiment before any new upleg begins

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Following that train of thought, this video predicts more pain, before any meaningful gain can occur.

The first 7½ minutes of the video is an analysis of whether Coinbase stock is a buy at this time.

For the nine minute analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, scroll to 7:25 in the video.

Crypto Crash: How Far Bitcoin & Ethereum Will Fall From Here (Ask Adam Anything)

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I’ll watch the vid - but a quick aside…

The Coinbase IPO was a dead give away of an impending market top.

And it’s concerning many of the insiders are selling the stock