How I became successful on forex trading

All the best for your bright future.

Thanks :pray: and I wish you all the best too

Did you intend to write something or were you just doodling with a screen shot?

Wanted to write something and am new to babypips ok

don’t joke with someone that can change your whole life

You can see from there that I close the trade now right

Hello Boss l really learning from here too but l need a coach who can help me became successful in forex trading l will be glad if you can help me

You guys are definitely NOT together.

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Right so you’ve not explained anything yet…

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Yes, OK. But the message from the Babypips server on your first post says “It’s been a while since we’ve seen bale4uk — their last post was 2 years ago”. So has your memory failed you or have you picked up a dormant account that was used by someone else two years ago.

Come on - we were not born yesterday. I just want you to come clean and stop trying to sell snake oil on a decent forum. It’s so embarrassing to see such behaviours, but seriously, it can mislead newer members so that is why I am not happy with what you have written so far. It stinks of a scam from someone who does not appear to be trustworthy. Prove me wrong and tell us about your strategy, plans and what I asked in the first place. Please.


You need a good trading strategy to make a good trading career in this market.

Success did not come to me very easily. Initially the things were hard to understand. But, my interest in trading and patience made me keep going. Over a period of time I gained some experience and got some understanding of factors that determine change in market trends.

@jenniferClark Not only a good strategy but also knowledge, experience, and most important patience is required. These all factors in combination will make a successful trader.

Forex trading is a career that requires time, patience, and practice to be successful. Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a process that takes time to learn and master. Many people lose money in the beginning, but those who stick with it and learn from their mistakes eventually become profitable traders.