How I get into forec

Hi everyone, my name is Ibrahim yahaya shafii I was introduced to forex by my friend some time around January 2021, but he only told me the good aspect of forex. He encourage me to start with a live açcount which I did but along the way the account get blown. Because I placed trade without any technical analysis. I was just learning it my self or sometime a watch on YouTube. Thanks

Welcome onboard the Forex World.
Your friend meant well for you by introducing you to forex trading. However, he did not tell you the other side of forex trading. If he did, you probably wouldn’t have blown up your account at this time or might still be trading on a demo account.
If I understand you well, you didn’t demo trade before putting your hard earned money at risk. FOREX IS RISKY.
From my little experience, still a newbie, trading real account for just about one year. I lost a lot of money but thanks to I never blow my account going by the teachings and training on the site. Today I trade confidently and make some profits from trading. I still rate myself inexperienced. Yea, but wish to proffer some advice at my level.
Forex Trading is profitable, not without continues studying and re studying and research, hard work, dedication and persistency.
I strongly recommend It as an excellent medium for learning Forex Trading, in addition to what you’ve learnt before, if any. Read and study to the end. The site really helped me. Follow all instructions and guidelines. Be patient. Do demo trading until you master the market and Bear in mind, It’s not a get rich quick scene. I bet you won’t regret it.
Once again, welcome.

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