How I install indicators in MT4 having .rar extention?

Hi guys baby pips is very good forum whenever I do not find answer from anywere else even from my brokder, I post my question here and get answer always. My question is How I install indicators in MT4 having .rar extention ? like SMA and EMA which i just downloaded from web but they have .rar ext, so they are not showin on chart whereas other indicators (not having .rar extension) added successfully. I just asked with my broker and they REPLIED “Please, find this information in the internet” my last hope is baby pips.

Many Thanks in advance

Ahaha, Ofcourse they would say that. Coz ur question are very easy. We can extract that compressed file (rar extension) into mt4 or mq4 extension (right click then choose ‘extract here’). Then put that file into the ‘indicator’ folder on mt4 platform folder. Restart our mt4, then search that indicator. Thats all :slight_smile:

Btw, why u download again ma indicator?? i think every broker already provided that indicator on mt4 platform.

Download and install 7Zip which can easily unzip .RAR and .ZIP files. It’s very handy and you can right click on the file and select 7Zip for options.


Thanks for both of you guys, it was really simple I didn’t think before :53:

Glad you got that solved.

PS Try Izarc. It’s free!