How i started forex

That sucks sounds like you need to go back to the drawing board and maybe spend more time learning. Only risk what you’re willing to lose

you need to start with the simplest and with minimal risks, since at first you just need to gain experience and understanding of the work

If you have been making losses many times, then it is time to take a step back and go to order book and read the chart and find out what went wrong so that you get a better understanding on how to avoid making the very same mistake again.

and by what principle did you come out with a loss in full profit?

How did you lose the money? I mean, are you able to learn and understand how not to make the very same mistake again?

we all make mistakes, especially in trading, all the same, you cannot save yourself from everything

hello, EmJesse. You must be disciplined to succeed in forex. Any strategy is fine. What count are discipline and risk management. In addition, you must also study the markets to understand what makes it tick. That way, you can adapt your knowledge to any strategy and make it YOURS. Demo your unique view of the markets till you are bored to death and only then open a live account. You will do much better.

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I wonder what went wrong in your trading to make you lose the money. Have you consider making a journal and find the way to see what went wrong in your trading?

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Hmmm… that is why so many traders say about proper money and risk management. Next time read about these techniques and you will not get broke. You may have some losses but not broke.

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  • Connect a device to the internet. …
  • Find a suitable online forex broker. …
  • Open and fund a trading account. …
  • Obtain a forex trading platform. …
  • Start trading.
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Really sad to hear this. More often people only focus on the “money making” aspect of forex trading. While the reality is that 70-90% traders lose money. It means you are not alone, but the problem is that everyone shows the goodie-goodie side of trading and no one prepares us for this brutal truth. We also tell ourselves that I am gonna make money. But the other side of the reality hits hard.

I started forex trading with Invest and a good broker. And always try to gain knowledge.

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How did you find out forex even existed? For me it was a family member that showed it to me.

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Don’t stop pushing I tell you

Don’t lose hope , am starting to realize that

Hello Em, what’s your current stage of trading? Are you using demo or using the live? I am curious to know more!

I started forex trading quite a long time back. one of my friends was into forex trading and that is what motivated me to take it further.

I guess you invested your money before your good trading skill; maybe I know the reason of it? Greed or overconfidence?

It’s sad to hear about your losses but let me tell you, forex is a risky market and making money is quite difficult. There are many things to learn and practise. You also need proper risk management and stop loss. Always follow your plan and remain disciplined.

Hello, it’s more than 7 months and I’m really excited to know about your experience? What’s going on there?? Are you using demo or already started your live trading?