How i trade Nasdaq100 with 90% accuracy

Hello everyone, i got a trading indicator from a website and thought of sharing my knowledge about it here. it works very well on all quotes on metarader4 including Nass100 with a 9 wins 1 loss ratio. its easy to use, i just wait for the main and window chart to align then place my trade.
you can get more information or get the system on the website, you can search ‘‘dextertrade’’ on google its a site for selling trading systems, They call it non repaint suit

By main and window chart does this mean price chart shown in different time-frames?

Any indicators or filters used?

Its an indicator and it gives you market direction on all time frames

This is a preview

Lol at you by giving some chart of long trade and advising simple usual piece of advise to sell on highest possible point. Wow like we never know! Okay, I am joking, still a good and solid piece of advise anyway, but I want to hear others as well.

How do I download the indicator? I googled it but I can’t download it. Can you please assist or provide a link

It’s a scam. Dont waste your time or money. People here are too clever to fall for this rubbish.

Ok thanks very much