How is fxview for a first timer?

Hi everyone! I’ve just finished up my babypips course, so I just wanna try experimenting by going live with a micro account & see if I am ready to enter the market yet. I have been checking out some brokers, but the one that caught my attention is fxview. But before I go ahead with that, I wanna hear from any trader who has experience in using that broker.

Basically, my question is - Can I take that leap of faith with them as it’s my first time trading live?

Hi. congratulations on your education completion. I haven’t used this broker, however it is suitable and safe for beginners. Drawback, it doesn’t offer crypto currency trading. Which, probably is a good thing for you.

While going live with a small account is sensible, it is likely that you will blow it, because the rewards are minimal, and would not cover your day to day expenses. You’ll soon get tired of that.

The old adage, money makes money is so true. I am experimenting on trading a $63 account over the last four months and it’s damn difficult to manage risk and money management, and maintain emotional control, discipline and patience.

You could find yourself overtrading, revenge trading, and gambling as ‘you only have one life’.

Aim to put aside some money each week/month to build up to a $500 account size, which would give you time and space to manage trades properly, and cover a series of consecutive losses that all traders suffer while becoming experienced.

Best of luck. Persevere.