How likely is the Greek exit on the Euro? What do you think?

How likely is the Greek exit on the Euro? What do you think?

What do you think?

Well, I think that Greece will exit the euro zone, as the polls are pointing a victory for the leftist Syriza and this party has been taken a strong stance for abandoning the Euro. A few days ago, I even read that the banks are performing stress-tests,Banks bracing up for potential Greek Eurozone exitAtoZ Forex, in case Greece the exit will occur. Don’t you think all this indicates something?

I’m gonna cop out with a great big I don’t have a clue, I don’t understand the politics or the economics of it all. But I do know that the markets would have factored it into the price and then probably sell on the news, maybe, kinda. Well whatever the charts tell me. Thanks for sharing your views.

I am glad that we could exhange our opinion on the matter. Just like you I do not fully comprehend the market, politics and economics involved. However, I personally feel that they are planning things behind scene and, indeed factor it in their price. Manipulation is the keyword. Last weekend I found this article, saying that Syriza, who won the election yesterday, are not planning for the Greek to exit the Euro zone. Quite interesting view on the whole matter. 5 points you must know about Sunday’s Greek electionsAtoZ Forex

Both Germany and Greece do show willingness to come to a compromise. Although the Germans were very strict on the case of extending the Greece’s bailout. I read on AtoZ Forex in the last week that the German finance minister, immediately put a hold on the rumor. To me it seems like Greece will have no option, no matter how hard they trey. What do you think?

Talks between Greece and its Eurozone counterparts have broken down, Athens was given till Friday to accept the deal or risk expiration of its current bailout program. What do you guys anticipate, will this be the final straw for Greece or do you think that they will find a solution before friday? Increased risk of Grexit as talks breakdown - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex

Nice Thread, good content lot of learning

Thank you Jack, I think its is best to share views upon this matters. As one person may read an interesting article and gain a better understanding of an aspect, it is in my interest to share this with others. :slight_smile: Like for example today, I read an article that it described a few scenarios upon the Greece outcome of today’s deadline. The interesting fact is that it related to what the EURUSD will do. Alpari RU announces exclusive deposit bonus for ex Alpari UK clients | AtoZ

In my opinion the decision wont be made until the final day (28th Feb) - make sure you’ve closed your position on friday night :wink:

Forget Greece

Strongly advise everyone to reduce their exposure to the euro before markets shut for the weekend

Hell yeah. I exited all my EUR trades this morning.

0%. Not because Greece is important but because if a country actually leaves the EU the probability of others leaving increases exponentially and that would be a major problem globally.

I am greek,so I have inside information!
Greeks voted SYRIZA(patchwork with communist and socialist party),but command was to solve the problem of austerity into zone of euro.
In my opinion this was impossible for them to do their promise.
Of course they have changed their political 180 degrees,to avoid the Grexit.
I do not know if they manage to continue this political because of communist platform into their party.
For the present, willing to stay in euro zone,but there is possibility of <<an accident>>.
For Greece this was an unfortunate election results at present time, because economy of country was frozen.


Greece won’t leave eurozone and they will probably reach an agreement with UE in the next days. Everybody knows, Syriza first, that a Greece out of the eurozone is not going to survive for more than 2 months.

Thanks for the replies, it is great to see various opinions on the matter. Especially Vasilis, inside view upon the case is very interesting; the fact that they have changed their policy drastically is evident. However, I would be very surprised if they alter their approach suddenly, due to the communist nature. Either it is indeed true that we should wait till the 28th of february. A few hours back, I saw this article with all the key risks events lined out. It is quite interesting. Check it yourself to see what further dates are important. Timeline: Greece vs. Eurozone, what next? - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex

It is nearing the crucial 28th of February, although Greece got backed by a four month extension of the current bailout program. How secure is the whole case? Found out through this article A state of uncertainty post Greece’s four-month extension | AtoZ that it is still balancing on a thread, and that after the four month extension it might eventually turning in a fiasco. What do you think?

As time goes by and the Greek crisis continues, seemingly without improvement, I feel that the markets are starting to have less interest in Greece. whether Greece is in or out of the euro, the markets will continue. Today, europe and the current greek government are making efforts to avoid the grexit, but tomorrow is a new day. Only time will tell!

Hey ForexEnrico, thank you for sharing your view on the Greece’s case. The speculation has indeed ceased and what you said is true the market is caring less, altough it could turn 180% degrees any moment.