How Liquid are the Forex Markets


Just trying to get my head around just how liquid the FX markets are.

So for example, how many lots could you do on the Marjors and have no issue getting filled.


Extremely liquid - as in for retail traders 99.9% will never have an issue with liquidity. A ex-bank trader friend of mine has a great story of one day the loonie (USDCAD) wasn’t moving and he was able to get long 6 yards without moving the market much (6B). This definitely depends on the currency pair, time of day, news and generally just the number of orders in the market, but safe to say most major fx pairs you can hit mid-high 8 fig positions without moving the market at all.

Hope this helps and is an interesting story for you! Also - note that on larger orders you will experience slippage. It may only be a pip or so, but this depends on a brokers top of book / depth of market settings.


Our funds are a drop in the ocean only time you wont get filled will be broker error

Definitely more than retail FX brokers can offer (60-70 lots). I guess daily volume on majors is tens of billions USD so the max volume you can try with your broker is a drop in the sea.

Nearly $2 trillion daily volume in the spot market.

All FX trading was about $6 trillion daily.