How long can the GBPUSD fall for?

Upon the brexit a lot of experts predicted that the GBP would weaken in the short term, but in the long term how do we see it moving?

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the UK at the moment mainly with the decision making in parliament as it’s a mess and this same government have to negotiate the terms of exiting the EU, so I can understand why the GBP is falling, but do we expect it to continue to fall? Even once a PM has been elected? I can imagine once they actually trigger article 50, that would cause the GBP to fall again.

I’m looking for a long entry point and would love to hear your comments.


I hope you sat on your hands Lewis.

looking for a long on gbp is like looking into a gun. u sure ud like to pull that trigger?

if you truly want to go ling on gbp it would take you waiting of few years. at least 4 years before you can think of a long position.
the only exception isif UK makes another referendumamd decides to stay in EU. then the gbp got a potential for a 20% rise within a very short time frame.

I hope you didnt get long yet, you should be able to start scaling in soon maybe, but I am looking for 110.00 or even 108.00 for final new low before reversal.

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continuation down.

If you are looking for a long trade on the cable, then let it be on a short term trade especially after news announcements.if you analyse weekly COT reports more traders are going short than long. In the long term I am seeing the Cable reaching parity levels with the Greenback by March


Thanks for your insight but what does COT mean?

With Trump being elected, the USD is likely to get stronger, I would look to short GBP/USD. But check the price action.

The GBPUSD continue to bearish right after the announcement of UK retails sales report which fell to the worst in its past five years.