How long do big banks hold losing trades?

How long do big banks hold losing trades? When do they decide to get out?

They decide to get out when they are in profit. They always win as they have so much leverage to work with. They may lose the odd few but its nothign compared to what they make

I’ve got to suspect you’re looking for reasons to hold losing trades longer. Replicating how banks etc. trade is not the way for private retail traders to make money so copying elements of their strategies will be a doubtful business idea.

Look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of holding a losing trade - what do you gain, what do you risk?


How long would you hold a burning match?

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i agree…although wish i cold hold my winning trades longer i’m currently battling my FOSI

What is FOSI?



It stands for- Fear Of Staying In.

mostly when you get out of a trade too early. i myself struggle this.

Fear Of Staying In…

Fear Of Staying In?