How long do supports and resistances last? How long are they valid?

Support and resistance marks the absolute highs and lows of a move, supply and demand is when you seeing buying and selling action around these levels.

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How long S/R last, if there’s anything like that, would certainly depend on the buying and selling pressure of the market. This is more reason why when you notice potential S/R levels, you take other market factors and indicators into consideration before you go in. You might have learned in your fx lessons that no single indicator on its own is a canon ball.
It’s not about how long they last. It’s about what happens next when other factors are taken into account.

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You can also incorporate psychological hole and half numbers. You’d be surprised how the charts reflect those areas


Cool, thanks guy. What’s your name? I will look and see if I can spot what you’re talking about. I’ve been mostly trading XAUUSD Gold Dollar. Do the whole and half levels work on that? I’m just curious, what country are you in?

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You should focus on the nearest ones to your current price.

U.K. mate. Yes the whole and half levels are applicable to most charts

Agree, psychological levels plays a part like round figures for the prices, near to those figures you can see perfectly the demand and supply zones.

I take the data for S&R from the past three months. It actually depicts the current tendencies on the market.

Your question depends on a lot of factors, and I’m not sure if you are swing trading, day trading, scalping, etc etc.

Multi time frame analysis when determining your support and resistance is key, especially if you are trading on lower time frames (1m, 5m, 15, 30, 1H). The usual rule of thumb from my understanding is to go a few steps above the time frame you’re actually trading on.

I day trade on the 5m, 15m, and 30m. So I go all the way up to the Daily (1D), zoom my screen all the way out then draw my support/resistance. You don’t have to go back years and years, just zoom your screen out as far as you can go and that should suffice. Then go do that on the 4H, etc.

Hope this helps!

Support and resistance last as long as the market structure holds. It can be for one candle (1 minute, 1 hour, or even more if it is a big movement). It can be for days, weeks, or months. SnR is valid as long as the market structure is valid.

Just look into 3-5 days back and find where is the support level and where is resistance level. And then you can draw a fib retracement to see golden ratio, tho that is not 100% guarantee that next candlestick will land on what you have predicted for.

Support and resistance levels are not all created equal.

A support level in an uptrend is likely to have much more significance than in some random chart location. Its likely to be more persistent with a longer life, more indicative of price direction if it holds when tested and more important to note when it fails.

So what is really important that the trader sees in this picture - the first thing the trader should see when deciding to look for entry and stop-loss levels - uptrend or the support level?

Support and resistance levels are commonly plotted on charts to identify areas where the price is expected to find support or resistance. Traders draw these lines on their charts to mark where they expect the price to turn. It lasts until the price moves through the area and turns around.

Not too long. Surely t depends on which timeframes you use. If it D1, I would analyse the levels of the month and that’s it.