How long do you think before we go back to normal?

How long do you think before we go back to normal? Feeling a little anxious about everything going on. Do you sometimes feel this way too?

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Hi - I feel like we are in a bad movie - like The Matrix, and wonder if Trump is the Mr Smith incarnate. I have just started a new work contract and the expectation is that we continue to work from home until the end of 2020 earliest. This is a large multinational, but their IT team is globally distributed anyway, and our lot were early adopters of WFH philosophy way before anyone worried about pandemics.
So I don’t feel anxious so much as “opportunistic”. My concern is mainly around the incessant currency printing being exercised by just about every sovereign nation on earth, ballooning out national debt as a % of GDP without any chance of it ever being paid off from taxes collected. So this is nothing new to me - I have been planning about that imminent hyperinflation for a couple of decades now, so if and when it happens it will be very late from my perspective. Opportunities? Gold and silver with no counter-party risks. Crypt currencies, and Forex. Oh, and certainly no more than 10% of your net worth in totality. Let’s put a sanity check on outlier events and treat them with respect, but don’t let them rule your life.

Fill ya boots.

Forrest Gump - life is like a box of chocolates. Love that quote and it is so true. The Forex training material teaches you that nobody knows the future, so plan as if you will profit regardless of what comes of the future.

Replace that anxiety with a strong conviction that you will be prepared whatever the outcome, and plan your future life accordingly. Best of luck.


Imminent inflation for two decades? Hmm

That’s fine I know what you mean. I just don’t necessarily think it will play out like the gold bugs think.

I also don’t think the dollar will go to toilet paper - well in terms of gold it may.

But I get the feeling we are not going to burning paper dollars to keep us warm at night.

Things are bad, but don’t bet against humans ability to get out of this mess.

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Trouble is we’re in a Multivariant situation.

It’s not just Money Debt and taxes - is it ?

You also have a huge and ever increasing government and public Service Sectors - who actually produce nothing - but increase regulations - meaning evr more beaurocracy - who produce nothing - but still demand payment “Above average” - Then you have an infinite number of “Identity groups” all demanding positive discrimination, A disastrous birth rate and masses of single mothers expecting to be “supported” !

Meanwhile the only group who are discriminated AGAINST are men - rapidly becoming “White men” - those who traditionall were “Bread-winners” - but are now so disadvantaged that many are just saying - "Why bother ? - Let those in need - feed themselves"

A lad doesn’t need much to live on if he’s got no wife and familly to rear ! And of course if he’s not earning much - he’s not paynig much in taxes. Whereas the women et al with their mortgaged futures in teh form of student loans - cannot pay much in taxes either - nor can they consume much !

You have no doubt heard of “Brave new world” and “1984” - and we see many aspects of 1984 Around us and ever increasing - but the “Needy” Identity groups we see around us may indeed take us closer to this !

Assuming of course that The Barbarians" - don’t just walk in through the undefended gates whildt we are occupied with our “Identity wars” :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t disagree with you but the constant rants about how white males are now perceived as the enemy serves you no purpose

The only one who can effect change in your own life is yourself. I’m sure you know this. So just let the wokerati get on with their silly agenda while creating your own ideal life.

Personally I’ve given up all outrage on how mistreated the western white male is - it won’t make my own world better and will probably drive me insane.

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Depends what you mean by back to normal.

Normal social life will be normal when nobody bothers wearing a mask because the incidence of covid-19 is so low that its out-weighed by other risks.

Normal market behaviour is more subtle and there won’t be any announcement about this. How are people gauging the “condition” of the forex markets?

That’s easier said than done. You can only perform at your best in an environment that allows for individualism with a sense of fair play.

What @Falstaff has alluded to is that Political correctness, the #metoo movement, feminism, marxism, cancel culture not to mention white supremacy and white privilege are making it extremely difficult to live that individual dream.

I struggle to understand how society has got to the stage that it is at with all these hysterics over social justice issues rather than real issues that affect the standard of living for the majority of people.

However on reflection I have come to believe that if the average person is taught stupidity then that is all they know, stupidity. Over many years universities schools and the media have eroded the ability of the average person to use critical thinking to arrive at rational decision making.

This affects those of us who still have some level of common sense and the ability to think for ourselves because we have to survive in an environment full of stupidity and that stupidity is influencing our way of life.




We’re not really confronted by the literal effects of “social justice”, we’re now into “social compensation”. Justice means everybody gets a fair and equal opportunity in their lives: compensation means minorities are rewarded for not being majorities.


What you are saying is spot on however the colloquial term most used by the enlightened members of society is Social Justice.



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My point is that the people who demand social justice do not actually wish to receive social justice, they demand compensation at society’s expense - favouritism, reparations, positive discrimination etc.


Yes that is true.


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You say affecting change in your own life is easier said than done. Well that’s true until you realise it’s up to you.

No one got anywhere being a victim.

There are of course some instances where it’s damn hard to move up. But they tend not to be in western countries.

For those of us born in the west at least, we have more opportunity now (yes, even in these covid 19 challenged times) than many of our ancestors ever did

I despise this whole left wing narrative - but stooping to their level by hating on them the same way they hate on trump makes us no better.

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And yes it is easier said that done - but who said life was supposed to easier. We only ever grow from our failures - in my case some spectacular ones!

You are completely missing the point. I am full aware that it is “UP TO YOU” mantra.
Goodness knows just how many failures I have had in my life and I have never blamed anyone for those failures.

But you would have to be living under a rock not to see and understand that society is changing. A society that you have to live in.

Have you watched the news lately?? Have you seen cities destroyed by BLM??? Have you seen how many business owners have had all that they have worked for destroyed not because of what they did but because of the selfish actions of lunatics hell bent on changing the society and living conditions that YOU have to survive in.

That’s what @Falstaff was alluding to and what I was saying about the stupidity that exists in the world today.

Ask yourself "Do you want to live in communist China or a socialist basket case like Venezuala?? If you answer NO then you should be acutely away that if these BLM Marxist lunatics get their way and the democrats are elected then the USA and the western world could very well find that socialism will be the way of life that you will have to live in.





I am very aware. And it’s tragic, but watching YouTube videos of BLM beat downs helps no one.

I really do think sometimes just switching off the news is the best way.

Yes the ostrich head in the sand works wonders.



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I agree. I don’t need to watch a lot of news to understand political standpoints - in fact the media positively undermine efforts in this regard.

Likewise, though tragic, all the hurricanes in Texas will have never have an impact on my life. Seeing the power of nature caught on film is of course impressive but I also feel more than a hint at voyeurism and schadenfreude in watching such events hitting other people.

So what news is left that is important that I need to know it and urgent that I need to tune in for a bulletin?

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I can’t change the situation. So why bother ruining my day with it?

Maybe I’ve been in a Buddhist country too long.

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I am sorry I don’t mean to be offensive and you are probably right. I am very politically motivated. If you accept mediorocracy then that’s all you can expect. It feeds into your narrative that you have to be responsible for yourself and not perpetuate yourself as a victim. However if you ignore current affairs that have a genuine ability to affect your life then you do yourself no favours by ignoring them. I don’t know where you live or what the political landscape is where you live but I am in Australia and we are very tied to the USA. They are our biggest ally. So I am involved with politics here in Australia because if I don’t step up and support what I believe is in my best interest then I have no one else to blame if a government is elected that changes the dynamics of my life that makes it harder for me to thive.

I hope you understand that.



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I get it I really do. I also follow politics very closely. I enjoy reading about what is going on - depressing as that is.

I’ve had many many debates about the problems right now, and prior to that many about Brexit.

But I always came away thinking why I bothered. It certainly didn’t make me feel any better.

And usually those I am debating with are so entrenched in their opinion there is rarely common ground

These days I just let it be and let others try to fix the wrongs of the world

One thing I do each day is try to read a paper that is completely 100% opposite of what I believe

It’s very torturous but necessary not to get locked in our own echo chamber

While I’m definitely right of centre in my political leanings I do try to understand the opposing views and not just knee jerk.

I’ve really toned down my news watching now and am alot happier because of it