How long has it taken you to profitability?

How long has it taken you to profitability ? Where trading is your primary form of income ?

For research purposes. TIA

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Its depends upon a trader how he/she will read market nicely.

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This is a good question !! Tbh people wanna hear you say it took “ a year or 6 months “ ,but the truth is it can take years …… and years !! It took me 3 years ,but my 4th year was really the shining light ! So don’t give up :100::shark:. I know a couple of real traders who said it took them 8 years ,but now we have the internet so the knowledge is out there !


A real inspiring reply ! People are so unrealistic nowadays. I suppose its because of the instant gratification generation and Trading is one place that doesn’t give you that.

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It took me two years to reach the level of profitability. I struggled hard to recover from mistakes and finally I did.

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It can take a long time if you don’t trade using a well known reliable strategy. In fact your results and performance will be random, so the length of time it takes to reach profitability will be random. The length of time you remain profitable having got there will also be random - it could be 10 years, or 10 days, or 10 minutes…

When starting trading, focus on process, not outcomes.

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I’m not sure if my answer has any merit since I’m not really a full-time trader. :open_mouth: But, when it comes to profitability, I started getting a few bucks for some bills and coffee probably in my 2nd year of trading lol :sweat_smile:

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That’s great well done ! With all the misinformation on the internet that’s not bad

Is it now your primary source of income ?

To reach the level of profitability, you have to know how to analyze the market properly. Try to focus on fundamental analysis more and more.

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Also I feel like this is question is a moving target. Like you can be profitable for like the first 2 years and then get a major losing streak on the 3rd.

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Recently my trading has been back and forth because I have been preoccupied lately.

It’s completely up to a trader how long he takes to learn the market. But I feel a learned trader can easily maintain profitability.

Every trader trades in Forex with the motto of reaching the level of profitability. So did I and it took me two years.

It took a me few years to reach the level of profitability. I focused on strategy-based trading.