How long have you been trading for ?:)

When didn’t your first start trading , till now and how has your journey been ?

Not long trading… But only on demo… I have been looking and learning for 6 months… Next step & overdue to go live…

About time I done it :0)

Journey started though many years ago… Share dealing

What is share dealing ?,& and how has your journey been so far ? . & I suggest trading live but with small amounts like start micro with high levrage with like $50-200 and work your way up from there nothing beats experience than trading live in the markets

Dealing buying and selling normal shares…

Your right I should start with a small amount. I have done well on demo however
Admitely not much thought went into it… As not real money.

Will do !! :0) new year new start … Going going live.,

Let me know , how the journey gose start with the majors and easy pairs like usdcad eurusd , and don’t you make good $$ selling shares like a good commission , I mean haven’t you seen wolf of wallstreet Lol :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

@ forexit start with easy pairs such as the Majors
Usdcad , eurusd just take it one step at a time one trade at a time , let me know how the journey begins and don’t you make good $$ selling shares like good commission , I mean haven’t you watched the wolf of wall street , :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I have been trading for 2,5yrs. My first year I traded with my own money. The second year I started a little bussisnes on my own and attracted some clients ( family, friends ) and trade with their money and still with success. I currently combine my trading bussisnes with my work as a waiter but within 2yrs I’ll be able to live off of trading forex.

yes i hope he did not deal with penny stocks lol

Almost 1 and a half year.

Thankyou liberty silver your right I will try usd can pairs … I will keep you in the loop.

I made ok money selling shared I sat on them for a longtime and now selling all if exiting shares and the goinging into forex :0)

Lol I’m gunna make a new forum called journey from $25-10,000 and your more then welcome to follow my trades this week I despised $25 and grew my account to $200usd but made a few mistakes and have to start over again the most success I had trading with small amounts of money was $25-1000 when I first started trading ever since then I manage 2 accounts one with a reasonable investment and one I grow every week from $25 and with draw a minim of 300-500 a week if I chose to withdraw some times I keep the money in there & work my way up from there. it’s possible to make money trading as long as your patiencet and take your time and aware of how the market moves and behaves during different time frames , & knowing when and what reports affect what , come Cheak out my new fourm will be posting trades next week Monday :D:)

Where so I find your forum 2 see ;0) the action

@thejorey , that’saswome how has your trading experience been since they day you started , and when do you plan on trading full time

@joery* **

Is there a certain , pair or commodity you like to focus on ? Or trade

301 Moved Permanently , your more than welcome to share ideas and thoughts & apologize for the late reply

I am with trading from last 3 years . My journey started with $250 , I started real trading after having less experience on demo and loose half of my account in just 2 days. After it I realize the importance of experience and skill then I go back for it .