How low do you think Bitcoin is going to go?

I’m holding some positions on BTCUSD and am really scared to let those go and lose a lot of money… do you think Bitcoin will recover from this drop???

Bull run coming in soon!

Hope you’re right!

A little one today!

You were absolutely right!

Haha #BitcoinGod :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see it increasing soon. If I were you, I would hold on for a while. Not sure how long, probably 3-6 months.

I’ll try to, but is really hard to see it going so low

I think that nobody is sure where BTC can go. This market is extremely sensitive to supply and demand, and with relatively low amount of capital you can move this market significantly

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Makes sense!

Absolutely spot on

Have a look at the longer term weekly chart on logarithmic scale and ask yourself again if BTC is bullish or bearish. Shorter term we’re having a pullback maybe as low as 7.2k and I hope you didn’t buy too much at 14k but longer term we may break the 20k ATH soon.

People who created the idea of Bitcoin only knows the sure answer anyway. All others - I am very highly doubt in all of this. Do you believe me or not ? I am not talking about all this anyway. But I wish I invested when it was worth like $100 or so.


Well every investor wishes so now. This is something very natural seeing the sharp increase in the coin’s price. But the same pattern might possibly happen again and it’s not too late to join the party.

Well, bull run is starting!!! Guess you were right, @Ele_Wood1!

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