How low will Bitcoin go?

Bitcoin is off about 30% from its April high of $65K. It hit $42111 recently.

Where do you see it going? Do you think Musk had anything to do with its recent price action?

Depends on the FUD that is currently spreading in media. Don’t fall for rumours that it’s overvalued, it’s hype, scam etc. Crypto managed to survive first and critical wave of sell-off when the hypothesis of Ponzi scheme were tested. Now I think we see first serious correction after rapid rise from 10K

Musk has everything to do with price action. He’s the Donald Trump of Crypto.

Oh it’s not over for Bitcoin or some crypto coins…this correction was needed in other for new highs to be attained.

Well it could dip more but not for long.

I usually check this prediction site for BTC and a quick look showed me that it could dip below 40. :open_mouth: It’s almost at 44k right now, but if it does go below 40k, I’m definitely buying some more! :open_mouth:

I love this quote!

Agreed. Better deals to be had.

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How far down do they think?

It is at 33k at this point. I think we will soon see it drop below 30k too.

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I`m curious to know the site. :thinking:

Currently at $38k. I think if we break $30k… Hmmm, maybe down to $26k. $22k if I’m being super pessimistic.

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I just hope it doesn’t drop below 20k again.

Perhaps a prudent trader with excess funds would have a handful of limit orders already waiting for a potential drop.

If it does, I will be BUYING! Haha. I have buy orders at different levels below 30k!

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I guess it won’t go lower than $30k

Hahah. That is true. I totally agree with your comment.

Nothing is certain at this point. The momentum is favoring a slide down, possibly lower than $30K. Lots of short orders have been place in the mid $40Ks. Let’s see if we can break $45-47K. I think we’re safer at that level from another move down that we are right now.

I don’t think Bitcoin is gonna be lower than 30k

Looking at the movement today, it’s more likely now… let’s see how d week runs.

Yes it went into downtrend I think market has to find some strong support levels below 30K from which it can bounce

Went as low as $31017 today. Back near $33K right now. Not looking good.