How low will the price of BTC go?

Do you view this as an investment?

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I think the answer is pretty obvious!


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sounds like swimming doesn’t it. I don’t jump in. I walk slowly down the steps, and because I can swim, I don’t mind getting in over my head. But if you don’t know how to swim, its still better to walk in slowly. So dollar cost average your journey and you will not be upset with the ups and downs of the market.

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Some people walk slowly, while some prefer to jump in. Everyone has different preferences for getting into the water. Of course, jumping is riskier. But if you know that some people have jumped before in that spot and enjoyed it. Then, why not? :slight_smile:

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Following the drop to 15K last year, it appears investors have gained experience in the BTC market, leading to fewer sell-offs and creating a strong support level at 60K. While some whales may have sold BTC to cause price drops, 60K currently seems to be a very stable level. There’s a possibility of reaching 80-100k, with new all-time highs, but a crash could also bring the price back down to the 6x level.

Oooh. :open_mouth: Very diverse portfolio. :open_mouth: I wonder how long it took you to finalize the coins you’re gonna invest in. Do you regularly check out how each one of these are performing or do you focus more on some coins compared to othrs? :blush: I thought having like 2 or 3 coins would be “diverse” enough. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing this Mondeo! :blush: I just realized it would be interesting to see how this sort of graph differs among the members here. :smiley:

Ooh. :open_mouth: If you don’t mind, around how many coins do you have on your portfolio, and why the interest in L1s and AI coins? :blush:

This article says price might drop to $59k very soon so you might want to get ready for that. :smiley: Haha. Although, it might drop further before going up again. :sweat_smile:

I’m quite proud that I thought of the same answers. :sweat_smile: I feel like BTC is always the safest way to go. :open_mouth:

Personally, I think it’s a bit tricky. :sweat_smile: The crypto market is a bit too unpredictable to be called an investment, and yet, you put in real money. :blush:

That makes sense. :blush: Hahaha. So in the past couple of weeks, have you decided to jump in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you buy some?

Definitely the safest bet of the bunch.

It’s also safe to say a couple unicorns haven’t been built yet.

Hi, at the highest level of planning, I am currently restricting 80% of my total crypto portfolio to 80% in 3 of the top ten by market cap (and I call these investments), and 20% in “any and all the rest” that I think about as the trading component. Having said that, I have quantitative rules based on the fear and greed index where I would consider changes to the 80% investment component based on the relative ratio of top 10 currencies to each other. One example is that I bought into ETH originally at approximately 30 ETH per BTC. I would consider buying BTC and selling ETH at a ratio of less than 10 ETH to a BTC, and I would consider buying ETH and selling BTC at a ratio of more than 50 ETH to to one BTC. It is a practice I have undertaken for more than 10 years with the gold / silver ratio.


That’s quite optimistic. I would agree with the growth rate in one year or two, it could go as high as 250k but 1M until 2030 is too much IMO. It will get there eventually though, just not that soon.

I think it’s very possible. Bitcoin is the greatest asset available. Once people start to understand this it’s going to be a race to get on the lifeboats. 3 million Bitcoin left for the whole planet to share. I’m not selling. More educated people become the less will be sold. There are 70 million millionaires. What happens when they realise they should of been buying Bitcoin. What happens when game theory kicks in and nation states realise they need Bitcoin in order to remain relevant. Ignoring Bitcoin is like using a silver standard when everyone else is using Gold. Eventually the gold owners can just buy everything.