How low will the price of BTC go?

Hellooo. :blush: I’ve actually been waiting for BTC price to fall just so I can go ahead and buy some. :sweat_smile: According to this article, it seem like I’d have to wait at until around $61k to get in before it tries to breakthrough $69k again. :thinking: What do you guys think?

Long term my plan assumes that BTC will grow and my strategy is that it will grow 10% per year. When it exhibits behaviour more like 200% per year (like during the last two months), I have taken the difficult step of selling just under half my holding. On 4Mar24 at 14:00 hrs UK time. I know I will have more funds available around May to June 24 and at that time I will reassess the overall proportion that I wish crypto investment to be as a percentage of our wealth. I will take that decision at the time, when some other risks in my life have been mitigated, but it is highly likely that I will increase the crypto proportion by a long way. To give you an example, I met a guy last December who had 330 ETH in his active portfolio. At the time that was worth about $750K. Today it is worth 1.28M. This guy is now half a million dollars better off than when I first met him. I am going to visit him again after tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see him. It will be an adrenalin rush that I look forward to in buckets and spades. I really value his approach to life and am blessed to know him as a friend.


So much has happened! I hope you guys had a fun and enriching discussion about your plans in crypto moving forward. :blush:

Hi ria-rose. Yes we had a great time. We decided to cash in half of our gains in Bonk which had gone up over 100% since we bought in January, so our first Shootcoin is now in its second phase (the remaining 50% of BONK has cost us nothing). We reinvested those funds in SEI, SUI and MYRIA in equal share of USD value, and added them to our shootcoin participants. We now own 15 different shootcoins, two of which are up over 100%, but I don’t count the Dogecoin coz it was a joke and was only a $10 trade. Now it is worth $20.08. We did buy some SOL in preparation for our even more risky meme coin sniping plan. And having put the SOL in place felt really smug when it gained 60%. We left most of it in SOL for the time being. Why work when you can just do nothing and make money?

I say this tongue in cheek since the entire market has ridden up and the fear and greed index is over 90%. We certainly don’t expect this to continue, but we do expect to continue participation.

It was late the night before I left to the UK but we did put our first funded trade on for that the first “memecoin sniper” plan, and patiently watched whilst it gained 30% in an hour, then proceeded to tank to about -75% two hours later. We recorded that one as a 100% loss. 99 more trades to go as we gain knowledge and experience with this wild west adventure. My nephew will be fully responsible for that plan, and we have both committed to an acceptable loss of $1,000 before we reassess our results over the first 20 trades. I did two days of paper trading on this idea, concluded our initial rules, and decided these snipers move so fast it is impossible to determine what the actual results will be without taking into account slippage and spread. It can be up and down 50% in seconds. We will just have to use some real money (SOL/USDT) to get some actual results before we revisit our rules and sniping behaviour.

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Aww. That’s great to hear! :blush: I think it’s pretty great that you guys are bonding over crypto! HAHA. Getting those profits together. :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend also recently talked about investing in SOL. He said it still has a lot of potential though it’s been around for a while already. :thinking: Was there also any particular reason you chose to put your money in SOL? :blush:

Sounds exciting! :smiley: Haha. I wish your nephew joins the forums and also starts a trading journal for your plans. :stuck_out_tongue:

All the way down to $64! Great price to get in if you have any money left!

As for SOL, before and probably still, the ETH Dencun upgrade, SOL was faster and cheaper than ETH to use. Swapping/buying/selling on ETH mainnet was costing $10s-$100s, way larger than the pennies it costs to do the same on Solana.

Solana also had a ton of VC funding, so my conspiracy theory is that the VCs continue to back Solana to get the most out of their initial investment back in 2019 and 2021. They raised over $300m USD.

A chance for us who missed out! :blush: Haha. But, I was hoping to get in at around $60k. You think it’s possible for BTC to dip to that price? :thinking:

Yes, it was to fund our meme coin sniper plan, but limited to the SOL network meme coins. Also, a guy I follow since 3 years ago has gone heavily into SOL stating it may reach $750 by end of 2025. Even from now that is over a 3X.

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I dont see it dropping significantly. Halving coming soon, Grayscale massive selling will slow down, demand increasing as education spreads, fed rates dropping and election year. $100,000 this year, $200,000 2025, $400,000 2026. Then a grind up to over $1,000,000 sometime around 2030. I think the fair price for bitcoin will be a few million per coin. Lets say $5,000,000 and once it hits that target it will just go up with monetary debasement for the rest of its life.


I am expecting 12-15k this year.

Wow, why so low? Ton of money pouring in from the US. And I think Europe is approving ETPs and UK ETNs.

Hmmm. :thinking: Now I’m thinking of buying SOL instead of BTC since I don’t think I’d reach my target entry for BTC any time soon. :sweat_smile:

BTC’s up today! :blush: So, I’m very far from getting in again. :sweat_smile: I wonder if price would ever go down to my target. :confused:

i feel like that’s spot on. :sweat_smile: Although there are price dips, price continues to go up. :thinking: But as for the values you mentioned, definitely possible in the next 5 years. :open_mouth:

Oh wow. :open_mouth: I wish (so I can get in again lol) but I doubt it will get there. :open_mouth: Any particular reason why you’re expecting it to drop this much? :thinking:

I’m curious too! :thinking: It’s even lower than when I first heard about BTC, back when it was at $21k :sweat_smile:

I am probably too early to the “alt” market, but after taking out my entire original investment I have now done most of my changes for 2024. I sold some BTC and ETH and bought some SOL.

Oh, and I finally got sick of listening to the XRP army whining about WEN $100, so I got rid of all my XRP. This is 80% of my portfolio now. The other 20% are for playing around with the meme coins and the low value alts.

The recent changes to portfolio are based on these assumptions:
BTC could do a 3X before year end
ETH could do a 5X before year end
SOL could do a 7X before year end

and on the downside, my assumption is that ETH and SOL are less likely to tank than BTC.

This is not a prediction. It is a set of criteria against which the proportion of market components have been chosen, at least till the halving paranoia is over.



Nice spread. Haven’t heard of all of your alts. I’m into L1s and AI coins mostly.

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Holding off to buy Bitcoin until it drops to around $61k, hoping it’ll go up to $69k again, seems like a good plan based on the usual highs and lows in its price. That’s just my take on it though! What’s your game plan for jumping in?

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If you had to buy just one crypto which would you feel safest to be all in? Let’s say 3 answers. 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

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