How many FX-Men/Women Honorary Members are there now?

Hello peeps,

I was wondering how many of us still lurk around these parts… Some have truly been and gone,
while others still check in every so often (myself included), but less frequently than when we wanted
to be heard and seen every day.

If you see this, please just post a “yep, still here” back!

It would be good to see how many pitch up.



Looking at your profile, you have joined Babypips on Feb 21, 2013, almost 10 years, such a long time. It’s happy to see old members still around here then newbie could learn a lot of experiences from you guys. :clap: :clap:


I’m nothing special - just a member.
I check in occasionally to see what’s happening.

Peeps still attracted to the markets - easy money is my guess.
But I can say after 18 yrs trading, that the “easy money” is the hardest dollar you ever earned in your life.

I read that from another trader, so not original.

The markets are definitely a curiosity these days.
The old support and resistance, fibonacci, pivot points are all corrupted now by algorithmic trading bots of course, but we are still teaching new traders how to use those archaic tools

I am not a young man any more, but my advice to anyone wanting to use technical analysis on which to base their trading, is three words: “DON’T DO IT.”

Those days are gone, and that’s the reason so many trading forums are no longer the busy and vibrant places they used to be. People who trade using Price Action are suffering the same fate - the levels have all been corrupted, as the trading bots drive the markets.

If you are not using a good quality trading robot, you are probably losing money.

Best advice today?
Do not trade the short time frames.
Trade the 4H and Daily charts.
But those are also acquired skills.

The above is just my opinion.
I think there might be a handful of people still making a few dollars from trading, but maybe not very many any more. It’s a good hobby - play on demo - but if you are using real money in live trading, make sure it is money you will not be sorry about if you lose it.

Sorry for the negative vibe, but it’s the reality of trading today.


Thank you for your helpful comment even though it could be the negative vibe as you said.
Nowadays we can see robot and AI has been applied in many fields and Forex trading is no exception.
I just wonder after 18 years in trading, do you still using technical analysis or are you using trading robot?

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Thank you for the question, Panda Forex.
I have tried using Robot EA’s but not with success. I had an acquaintance though, who used them with great success.

He lived on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, and when I lived there, he invited me to watch it working. He had a problem with the Australian Taxation Office though, because he had not declared his profits, while his broker did declare them. I saw his trading accounts (he had four) and he had over AUD$160,000 total in those at that time.

He refused to tell me the name of the robot, or even point me in the right direction to buy a good one.
Eventually before he died, he did tell me to try the “Grid Me Up” robot on the GBPUSD (I paid about AUD$40 for it) which was where he started from. It was profitable, but not worth the effort to supervise it. I could not “tune it up” to make more that $4 a week. He knew that it was not going to really be what I was looking for.

When I visited him, his health was failing badly, because (as he told me) he “liked the products of grapes too much” and his heart was failing. But even being so poor in his health, he still was not willing to share his secret.

During the time I visited (around 90 minutes) his robots made around $45, and he ran them 24 hours every day.

I do not know the reason for his secrecy - even being as close to death as he was - but I accept some people are like that. Most people on these forums have a propensity to teach and share with others, and this forum is a great example of that.

I do know that acquiring a “good” robot does not always depend on how much money has to be paid to get it.
The MT4 - MT5 website has heaps for sale - some as much a USD$10,000. But after my own experience in owning a robot, I am not willing to pay money just in the hope the seller is being honest.

Maybe one day I might stumble upon someone willing to share a good product, but am no longer living with that hope. I have looked on forums and spoken to many traders, but it seems it’s a “Black Hole” of secrecy.

As for my own trading - today I am still demo trading, and still using technical analysis on the higher time frames. But it’s still not particularly encouraging. I made a few $$ from trading Gold live about 6 weeks ago, but since then have given back those profits, and for some reason the strategy I was using has ceased producing profits.

Currently (from today that is) I have been researching basket trading, and am looking to find a good link to any site where people are doing ok with that. Am using Daily charts manually, with 3 MA’s and stochastics for trend / momentum / opportune entry. So far so good.

Sorry to take the thread so far off course - perhaps there is a better place to talk about these things.


Many are probably multi millionaire s by now

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Or Bot Traders?

:joy: :rofl:

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Thanks for the reply,there was obviously abit of irony in the comment.I agree with some points you make in your posts, though I believe it not as" hopeless" as you portray it to be.I think trading success is alot to do with psychology (sorry for the cliché)


Although I said tech analysis isn’t what it used to be, there is still a very useful and profitable place for it.
I have decided to create a new stand-alone thread for the topic of manually trading a basket of currency pairs, that are selected by Technical Analysis as most likely to turn a profit.

Here is the link to the thread: