How Many Of You Guys Knew This?

I’m curious. I found out something which I think is important the other day and was wondering how many of you guys were aware of it.
Did you know that a lot of the brokers out there levy fees on inactive accounts? Real accounts that is. So when you trade a real account and blow it, or the balance is really low and you dont bother with it for a few months, fees are incurred.
Now you know.


Yep, that’s usually in the fine print. But then again, most people don’t read the fine print.

Oh wow I didn’t know this. What’s considered “really low”? :open_mouth: And what’s the typical time frame for an account without any trading activity before it’s considered inactive?

@THE_GOATE This thread made me curious about checking if my broker (Fxview) charges any such fees and to my surprise, they don’t charge any inactivity fees to their clients. Thanks for letting me know a new feature about my broker.

I’ve seen this in my T&C’s but never had to pay a fee yet. It only kicks in after 180 days with no trading.

Why it is important to read the T&Cs. I imagine some brokers are sticklers for this more than others.

Hmm my current broker Aximtrade doesnt seem to charge any inactive fees so i think that not applicable to all brokers.

Oh okay that’s a pretty long time at least. I thought it was like 90 days or something.

Not all brokers charge inactivity fees, i know some, because i keep on switching here and there, like turnkeyforex, cedarfx, tickmill.

I was not aware. Thanks for sharing! What broker do you use?

I already knew about it, this is one of the reason why we should read t&c before opening an account with them. That’s why there are no inactivity fees with fxview and tickmill that I am using