How many of you out there are a successful trader now?

Yeah it’s all your experience but not all have that much money i am from INDIA and now 100$= 8200Rs thats can be risk. Anyway different people different mind. Thanks for your precious time

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i hear you

i’m not criticising at all

i just noticed that you mentioned in another thread that you’re a complete beginner, so i hoped you wouldn’t mind my mentioning that i disagreed with your advice

the important thing, in this context, is that there are brokers who will let you trade much smaller position-sizes than a micro-lot, and $100 might be ok for those accounts, so people with $100 can still get started


Yes you can definitely do it , but I recommend getting a job or some type of income . Only quit your job when your consistent. Even when you start making money trading full time it still good to have other incomes coming in . Trading can be up and down

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10 dollars is a very small capital and I don’t think that you can earn much profit with this little amount. If you want to start, then you can start with a $100 capital.

Forex is a profession which you can start with only 10 dollar but you shouldn’t invest such a small capital. If you have ability, try to invest some more capital so your return becomes higher.

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Thank you for sharing this positive feedback. Such a great encouragement. How much capital did you started? Is this result demo or real money?

Hi Val,

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