How many of you out there are a successful trader now?

Hi. I’m a newbie in forex trading. Before started Pipsology course I have zero knowledge about forex. I am now still studying kindergarten level in the course.
Can I ask anyone here is already become a successful consistent profit trader? Can I start trading with only 10 USD after I completed the course?

I am currently resigned my job to start the trading journey. I am not sure if it is too risky to do so. I hope you guys can share your thoughts and experience here.

In my opinion, $10 is not a good idea.
You must have at least $1000 to open a micro account.
If you start with $10 you’ll lose it easily. Start with a demo account first.

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I think this post"is a wind up"

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If you’re asking this kind of question, I think you need to get knocked around by life a little.

No, it’s not too risky at all. Good job. You should do it 100%.


Thanks for sharing your opinion!

That’s a very good solid plan.

you can easily support yourself trading $10, no problem.

Assuming of course that you’re able to earn 5,000% profit per day

Hey Valerie, have you ever considered becoming a trading mentor? Cuz I’m looking for a mentor.


Back down to earth now , even with experience it’s not a consistent guaranteed income.With a £10,000-£20-000 start.So just practice maybe if you have.the time or a plan

So sad to hear about this.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. It’s mean so much to me.

Btw I am still in kindergarten level thou. I have no enough qualification to become a mentor. But I am currently still in survey to look for someone professional to become my mentor after I complete the Pipsology course

Since you’re going to be trading an account with $10 in it, I wanted to suggest that you might consider ringing up lloyds of London and asking them if they could write an insurance policy to guarantee you against any losses.

You got to cover your bases in this business.

Far from where I want to be but have made great progress and have more than tripled my profits in 2 weeks

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Nice !! Are you a newbie just completed Pipsology as well ?

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Not yet, but a newbie yes

newbie in everything else than Forex Gold

Hi and welcome in BP community :slight_smile: try to finish pipsology course couple times then use demo account and knowledge from course. Find your own approach to be profitable trader, in the meantime try to get more funds, $10 is really low amount, even as a start. Visit Member Spotlight - Forum maybe you will find some inspirations. Good luck in this long journey :slight_smile: Regards Greg


Thanks for your advice. Appreciate!

Hey lorri, i am not agree with your suggestion cos 1000 is a very big amount to start. There is also a famous belief 90-90-90 i.e 90% people loss their 90% capital in 90 days. So, anyone should start with 100$ with 0.01 lot size

Hey Valerie, first of all congratulations for taking a step to become a trade :bouquet:. According to my experience you should continue your job until you become a profitable trader because it takes time to become a treader and even a profitable trader. So, there should be a source of money that can be your capital. At the end you should start with 100$. Hope it will help you.

You can find successful traders at brokers in the Pamm system.
A large number of people who know how to trade gather investors around them.

no criticism intended, but i strongly disagree

i’ve believed for decades (and still believe now) that $250 is the minimum sized account you need, to trade 0.01 lots safely and sensibly

there are some brokers who will let you trade much smaller position-sizes than a micro-lot, and $100 might be ok for those accounts

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