How many pairs do you work with at one time?

Hello all

I have a question about how many currencies each pick to make a trade at one time? I know most say when starting out just stick with one or two currencies to trade but what if both are trading in a range and you find other opportunities in other currency pairs, do you take them? And if yes do you stick with just one or do you take on a few more at one time considering there are possible opportunities? Thanks.


Hi Adam,

I generally focus on the GBP/USD pair. However, there are often times when the pair is trading in a tight range. At these times, I will add the other majors to my second screen. I have personally found that it takes a great deal more attention to watch 5 or 6 pairs rather than one or two. If I see an opportunity, and I am able to enter on time, then I will always take the trade. It is a lot of work though.


Hmm… That depends on the parameters. Many parameters.