How many pips do you make a day?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask, on an average, how many pips do you make a day?

Thank you


best I can do

is that pip (0.0001) or pipette (0.00001)

Hi there element. I don’t keep track as it doesn’t help me in trading, but I do know that I consider a 30 pip as a normal day.

If you want to play this game, do not enter with hundreds of dollars. Enter with 2 grand to keep hopes alive…seriously, and still may not be enough. I have read where traders drown with 25 grand…God help you!


I don’ t agree with that. I started with a couple of hundred. That you read that traders where down a couple of grand doesn’ t mean that they were good traders. It is not a solid advice.

By the way, was the 480 pip the fourth digit or the fifth. I gues the fifth, which is not a pip but a fractional pip. For majoers (except Yen) pip is the fourth digit.

I usually try to aim for 100+ pips a day.

I not try to make 100 pips every day. Some times I make more than 50 pips in trading other wise I am contented on 20 pips too. I do not let my trading open for a long time in wait of getting high pips. I make easy possible pips and close positions.

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I noticed from your post that you are trading the Yen. That pipsize is diff from other major currencies. For your USD trades you have about 11 - 30 pip.

Don’t make them think to make +100 pip on EURUSD a day. :slight_smile:

Making [I]enough[/I] pips a day is a decent answer.

Not always I can making profit target daily, now I see on pair gbpusd move around one hundred pips from high to low, and not always i can catch profit on these pair because timing also very important to get maximum profit, my trading result often vary and usually I work as swing trader.

I’m not sure what you mean?

I don’t particularly care what the value is. I just try to aim for 100pips but obviously I only take what the market gives me.

For example a lot size of 50 on EUR/GBP @ 100pips might be ÂŁ500 but on another currency it might only be ÂŁ200. Aiming for a set amount of money can lead one to become greedy. 100pips a day and I call that a VERY successful day.

But as you saw from my trading diary sometimes I lost a lot…

Well, i think it should matter to you. When you talking to other traders here about 400 pips profits where you actually mean 400 pipettes instead of 40 pips, you might not be taken serious. Also you might take us not serious when we strive for 30 pips a day, which in your terms can be 300 pips a day.

Normally when I ask this it is a sign that I don’ t take your results serious as they seem too high. In most cases it is the pip vs pipette mistake.

See the difference? :slight_smile:

Ah yes I understand now. I don’t know if it’s pips or pipettes. For example I have a trade open at the moment which is lot size 50,000 units and I am +25 pips and I am up £125.

ÂŁ5 per pip X 25pips or 25pipettes = ÂŁ125

Is it pip or pipette?

I don’ t want to take over this thread with this. I already mentioned it before.

In all pairs involving the Japanese Yen (JPY), a pip is the 1/100th place – 2 places to the right of the decimal. In all other currency pairs, a pip is the 1/10,000 the place – 4 places to the right of the decimal.

OK. I just had a difficult time understanding your posts. Thanks

I don’t think that how many pips per day someone can make it’s really matter. More important is how much profits you can make.

Its depend on the market movements if market is fast moving then I try to get as much pips as I can, my daily average of pips is 60-70 and I am achieving my target efficiently. I am trading with full confidence as I am performing forex with good planning and strategy, I am getting reasonable pips on daily basis.

Happy as long as its more than 1 :smiley:

I hate the discussion around PIPS. It’s all about percentages of your account risked v percentage of your account gained!

I used to think that too until I blown a few of my accounts. Now, I’m all about pips gain. Pipping ain’t easy :slight_smile: