How many trading days in a year? Total versus actual number ..(Article)

Trading Days in a Year – So How Many are There Really?

I love that picture next to Trading Slumps. “What am I DOING right now?!” Been there

How do you calculate trading days for some of us “Part-timers”? Really, I want to know :slight_smile:

Very interesting!!

The author left out one important aspect of trading days. Just because the market is open doesn’t mean you should be trading that day. There are many days were volatility is too low or too high for a retail trader. If you trade the euro a lot like I do you’ll find Mondays to be not very productive and Friday’s some weeks can be just as bad. Then if you’re a new trader you should not be trading NFP Fridays at all. That said, if you’re a part timer you should probably focus your Forex trading on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays since these days are the happy mediums.

Traderbarry, he actually does not say that directly in the way that you said it, but he does say that some days of the trading year (he does not specify which ones) there will be very little trading to be had - e.g. during parts of the summer or around Christmas - so he actually covers that aspect…

Hello PipNRoll…

I have figured out for you… The answer is…

[B]130(.2) days (=approx. four months and ten days) [/B]

A typical part-time worker is on a so-called ‘point six’ contract, which is three instead of the standard five

days (thus, three divided by six, which gives you 0.6)… So if you took 0.6, or 60%, of the figure given

in the article, namely 217, you will get 130(.2)…

It would be interesting to see if you reached a similar number if you summed all the hours you spent

checking on, managing, and executing trades during your year (but excluding the time you spent on

reading trading or psychology books, and time spent on BabyPips)…

I hope this helps…


I won’t even bother to check your math lol I will leave that up to you.

Thank you!