How many trading styles?

Please House thank for your numerous help and advice’s. Please as a trader, how many trading styles should I have or know handy to tackle all trading situations?

Thank you as the struggle continues.

God bless you for being my only Mentor.

Tough question as depends on personality , but to start with become a master of one rather than a jack of all trades. Helps discipline

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Choice of style is harder than choice of strategy. Style is driven by an individual response to the action of trading, so you need to be trading before you can know the right style. At least you can do this for free using a demo account.

But for new traders, there are a couple of trading styles that often cause very fast burn-out - trading very short time-frames (scalping), trading reversals, and playing for the big win.

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For very new traders I would recommend to stick with higher timeframes (there is much less noise) and avoid scalping. I know scalping is tempting for newcomers but it’s better to learn with a calm head. That’s just my 2 cents.