How much could you expect


ON the off chance that you`re successful with trading how much could you expect to earn per year how much ROI?

This has been asked many times and there are literally hundreds of answers here already.
Have you tried the Search function, could save you a lot of time

Im sorry i`m having trouble finding it i tried ROI how much you can make per year and so on yet nothing do you guys have the percentages?

You will find there’s a huge range of answers, from “expect to lose your entire account” (probably the most likely outcome) to “you can easily make xyz% a year”.
Most of the members here are new traders with little or no live trading experience, then we have the scammers who will say whatever you want to hear so long as you sign up to their training programme/signal service/E.A., and finally you get the more experienced members (look at their joining dates) most of whom will not divulge their figures to a stranger but will probably give you a more realistic answer.

Your question is very vague, a bit like "Im going to open a shop, how much can I expect to make? ".
Study at the free school on here for a few months, taking all the quizzes, then consider opening a small live account that you can practice on

OK let me try and make it a little less vague.Most business can make you arround 30% ROI per year.Trading has more appeal because you here people starting with a 1000$ account and becoming millionaires and billionaires.Whats a realistic number how much can you really make 20%, 30% … more if so how much more how much does a good trader make

Give me the names of some of those 30% return businesses so I can invest in them please.
Im surprised that youve been a member here 4 years and you’re asking questions like this

Ive made the account a log time ago it depends where you are in the world but something in the self help niche will give you those kinds of returns of course you can`t just simply invest you have to actually help people

To cut to the chase, and from my own isolated experience, 10% a month on average is totally acceptable with no more than perhaps 20% drawdown. Some would suggest it comes down to your own risk appetite, I’d rather say it comes down to profit preservation.

Depending on your strategy, the time frames you are trading, your risk management and risk calculation you can have

an ROI:

1-100% monthly
1-100% yearly
1-100000% xy-timeframe

you must make up your own claculations.

something like this:

daytrader - risks 1% of his account on every trade- trades 3-5 trades a day. each winning trade is +2% of account, each losing -1% - and has a winning chance of 50% - times 20 days a month (lets assume 4 trades a day)= 40% account growth in 1 month.

Investment of 10.000 = 48.000 / year =account balance after 1 year = 58.000
ROI = 580% /net-ROI = 480%

it depends on you and your trading style and your risk aversion.

You can aswell trade high risk swing trading where you have 1-4 trades a month with high risk of 30% account balance and take profit by 150% account balance.

example 10.000 investment= 4 trades a month with 50% chance = 24.000 surplus/month

= 288.000/year
= ROI 2980%

or most likely:

you trade - you lose your money - ROI = -100%

Wait you can trade like that 30% drawdown and make that much money?Or you`re just making fun of me

of course. if you have [B]15 years[/B] profesional experience and know very damn well what youre doing -you can.

Spot on. Well said.

Keep in mind, drawdown is a measuring stick for how wrong you are. 20% drawdown is bad, especially if its stretched over several pairs. Scaling in even, can be dangerous, because evidently your adding trades to a losing battle as it is.

The answer to that question depends on so many factors – on the person’s experience, on the size of their account, on their strategy, on their personal life situation even, on their health and free time, etc.etc. There is no right answer that fits all traders.
My personal approach is that as long as I am profitable, I am content.

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