How much did you make last year?

just curious, to see what are possible targets and what isn’t.

i make 10% a month, or more, as far as what i made last year thats my business

i mean this to be a poll, so to keep everyone’s earnings private…but it will not let me create a poll.

More than my expenses. :wink:

more then you and less then i wanted, not enough to buy a porshe, enough to buy a volkswaggon

I don’t think you’ll ever get an answer out of anyone!

Hihihi, are you sure your trade able to afford those car??
I’m really impressed with your trade. great guys…

Uhhh, honestly not enough. I don’t trade a hell of a lot of money. I make my money in other ways. :slight_smile:

Guys give him an answer

this is my oil trade. open april 7 closed april 11

am i allowed to post pictures like that here? not sure, ifnot then PM me ill remove it.
but i stopped out too early., thought today is going to be a swing-low/retracement but so far it didnt happen. idiot me.
last years profits were good.

I actually managed to profit last year, even if it wasn’t by a lot, so for the most part I am pleased. I hope my profit would be bigger this year, but who knows.