How much do forex traders earn in a day?

what is the average amount traders earn per day? or do people even earn per day or weekly? thank you very much

I don’t think you’ll find data that gives you the answer to your question because if 80-90% of traders lose… that must mean the average trader makes very very little money. :sweat_smile:

To the best of my knowledge there is no average amount that a trader earns per day because of a variety of reasons. Some traders are in a single trade for weeks and months. Two traders can be up by 5% but they could both be trading vastly different lot sizes. The capital one has to work with will also be a factor. Then again like the person before me said a lot of traders actually lose money. Also consider that some traders dont trade every day. So as you can see there is no proper answer to your question.

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What I do know (by talking with some real life traders) is that many have a TARGET daily profit figure to aim for. If they achieve it in ten minutes, they walk away. If not, they will trade for however long it takes but they also have a maximum loss they will tolerate in a day (maybe half of their target daily profit). But there is huge variation in these targets, and of the folks I have talked to who are willing to explain in further detail, a lot seems to depend on their total bank. The guy who told me his target was £500 actually had a £120K bank, and trading was his hobby not his career. He was a contract programme manager in the City (financial IT projects) who had been a desk trader himself in an earlier career.

I do not personally have a current 2021 target of profit (or loss) strictly from trading currency pairs. I do have a target for crypto profits, but not broken down to daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly. It is one target for calendar 2021. So far to date, we are off target. Way off target.


in forex, as in any other occupation, everyone earns what he is capable of, and no more, only in forex you can also go into the negative

I don’t think there will ever be an exact answer to it. Every forex trader has a different strategy and goal and it would be difficult for one to give you an average amount to be honest . Your trade and profit is as good as your strategy, remember that .

This is not a fix amount, also you will make profit is also not sure, you may get into losses also.

Your strategy dictates to you how much you can earn, you can’t dictate to the market how much you want.

So there is an amazing thing which I like to share.
I’ve decided to earn from 2 to 20 USD per day.
That was possible for a week and then I’ve blown my acc :smiley:.
So in case that you are willing to invest 50k
Trade with 2.00 lot size you may expect daily profit of 10 pips daily.
Which means approximately 200USD daily.

everyone earns differently, there are already many aspects that will be different, from the experience of the trader himself to the capital with which he works

This is the response I should have answered with first lol

With a $5000 account, you can risk up to $50 per trade, and therefore you can reasonably make an average profit of $100+ per day .