How much forex broker earn monthly


Did anyone know how much popular forex broker like Fxpro, markets, XM, FXCM, Instaforex, earn monthly.

What if trader made profit in millions of dollar in one month, are they strong enough to pay him.

These companies all see to be of good repute and well capitalized. what’s more, the profits will be paid by the liquidity providers…assuming the broker is not taking the other side of your bet!!- which you obviously don’t want

Hi Malikdon1,

While I can’t speak for other brokers, since FXCM is a publicly-traded company (NYSE ticker: FXCM), our financial details are readily available. As of the latest data, we have global regulatory capital of $252 million versus $93 million minimum requirements (an excess of $159 million).

Furthermore, on our No Dealing Desk (NDD) forex execution model, we offset each client order one-for-one with the best prices taken from multiple competing liquidity providers. That means, we don’t profit from client losses or lose from client profits. Instead, we make our money from client trading volume. Therefore, FXCM wants you to be profitable, so you can continue trading.

as i red Oanda has the most earning for 2013, i dont remember exactly how much it was but it was big amount… other forex services like forex signals service or forex managed account service like Fxstay Team earn good amount of money …it seems usually traders are big loosers here

Liquidity provider,… What about retail broker?

If you’re asking whether FXCM’s No Dealing Desk (NDD) forex execution is available to our retail clients, then the answer is yes.

Oanda is huge and has a good reputation, so lots of traders started with it and lost their money.

Their earning s could be huge as they earn it doesn’t matter whether you make a profitable trade or not.

we don’t know about it. it depends on the client. broker will have more profit with more client. this is a inside information