How much has your trading improved?

Since when you started trading, how much has your trading improved? How are you measuring your progress? What are the mistakes that you used to make, that you do not make anymore?

Please share for new traders. :47:

Well from the beginning to now, obviously my trading has improved very dramatically. Both from a trade execution standpoint and a mental/psychological development standpoint.

How do i measure progress? I use a lot of statistics. Sharpe/sortino ratio, standard deviation of trades, profit factor, and expectancy.

Mistakes I don’t make anymore. Revenge trades

If you believe in focusing on improving the process of trading rather than the results (because the results will follow), here’s an article by Chris Capre worth reading:
7 Signs You Know You’re Maturing As A Trader | 2nd Skies Forex

Hi Pipnol,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article by Chris Capre. Everything includes in the 07 Signs mentioned by him. Everyone should read these types of high quality articles.


All that you guys is true and quite practical

Basically when you can follow your system and trade without being emotionally engaged,
your definitely on track to get there.

The ways I’ve gauged my progress are most reliant on my balance. I’ve also learned to heavily scrutinize any set up before entering into a trade. I read a suggestion that you should treat every trade with the same gravity that you would treat a business proposal. I adopted that and I found myself discarding several sub-par set ups because of it. Of course, there was a couple great opportunities I missed out on but protecting your capital is the primary goal. Far easier to lose money than make it in forex.

I am feeling good because I have improved much in these 2 years. I am not a master now but still a good trader. I could have improved more but I was studying at the same time and could not focus specially on forex trading.

You’re welcome William, glad to be able to share what I found useful with my fellow traders.

I would like to contribute my 2 cents.
Trading improved once I lost money in the Real account.
Trading was more mechanical during the Demo stages meaning that my demo stage did not prepare me for what had to come.
It is really important to test the real market to actually understand the situation you are in.
-How do you feel about losing a substantial amount of your account?
-How do you feel about being wrong on the trend/trade?
-How do you feel about trading on a higher risk:reward?

My trading has really improved over the last few months. Before I use to think I could predict the price movement without any useful strategy. I depended on my instincts and luck. Well, it got me no where. Now I have learned how to strictly predict Price movement with a combination of technical and fundamental analysis.

Well, my trading has really been good these days. I have learned how to control my emotions even when I lose. Before, I was too scared to set my TP on a higher note, but now I am usually sure of my strategy and set my TP in way that it could get me more pips for one trade. I am more confident now.

My traing has improved after I burned two accounts, the reason was I made trades without Stop Loss, I don’t know why but whenever I put a trade with SL, SL always get reached. With some trades went without SL, they got TP so I think SL is a fence for my profit. And I got a big mistake, I traded with big volume (0.1) without SL, and I don’t watch it carefully. I losed 2 accounts. After that, I know how to trade get profit or at least I know how to minimum the lost. Now my premium account in Hotforex is growing well.

I can say that my trading has improved significantly over the past few years. I started as an observer, I read everything I found about binary options trading and I learned a lot on my own and with the help of other people, and now I’m a senior blogger helping out others with binary options. Now I am much more confident when it comes to trading, and I also developed emotion-control, which is, I believe, the skill that comes naturally with experience.

i say i did improve, but for some reason i still feel that i lack a lot :smiley: in a positive way it motivates me to explore and learn more :slight_smile: but compared to last year, id say im doing quiet well :smiley:

From the day I have started to today my trading has improved in ways I can’t really describe. I went from a guy who was 100% clueless to making a profession out of my dream.

When I start real trading my performance was not good after 1 year I feel I improve a lot . Now I can decide well according to the market situation. In start I got only 2% monthly profit now this ratio is about 20% of my capital .If I had a big capital I an make good money from forex trading.