How much have you made?

i know this question is n00by and its likely that noone will answer it but everyone wants to know. how much have you earned with forex?

post plz;)

I started with $250. I have earned a total profit of $36 in 3 weeks of live forex trading. That’s an increase of 14.4% in only 3 weeks. If this keeps up, I will make a yearly profit of 249.5%. And that’s without compounding. :slight_smile:

You would be shocked!


How much does halo3plz believe he can make?

Seems that you are getting more replies than expected!!!

For what it’s worth I have been live trading for 6 days (more like 6 days and 6 nights).

I started with $4400 USD - lost about $2000.00 USD over a 5 day period and then made a little on Friday afternoon and am now sitting with $2300 USD to start with on Monday.

Admittedly I have fallen into each and every single trap that this website warns you about and am still battling to come to terms with some of the concepts of forex trading and how to correctly limit losses and risk with the software etc. etc.

What I have found is that if I only trade 1 lot at a time (at $50.00 USD) I almost always come out on top. I am one of those idiots though that will sit and look at a graph and say ‘it cannot go up (or down) any more, never, no way’ and then start buying more lots. The moment I do this it is almost as if someone can read my mind and decides to prove me wrong which inevitably costs me money!!!

Anyway - my initial goal is to make $285 000.00 USD in a big hurry - and you’ll be the first to know when I reach this goal!!!

Probably more than you wanted to know - sorry!!!




Man your post brings back lots of memories. We have all been there.

But please go back to a demo until you get it figured out.

What ever you decide, you will make it. Hang in there.:slight_smile:

Thank you pipgod for the sympathy - much needed at this point.

Please would you do me a favour and have a look at this thread and read my input on ‘demo’ trading (about a third of the way down the page) and comment on it - I would like to hear somebody elses input on the subject.

Basically (in my opinion of course) trading using demo software and a demo account may teach you the basics and how to use the software BUT it is by no means a true reflection of how the mechanics of either forex or share trading actually works in realtime???



Wow, I did that before I read this post.:stuck_out_tongue:

Dale man,
I can really relate to ur experience. I jumped in w/o much knowledge or experience after just reading the various indicators available but w/o knowing how to apply them.

I’m going real slow now but have yet to come up with a strategy that works. But from what i’ve learnt it can take quite a while to develop one. Secondly, i realized that each currency pair has its own personality and a technique that works with one may not work with another. For now, i’m focussing on EUR/USD. Got badly burnt with GBP/USD.

I’ve been looking around for a Forex Education course but u find both good and bad reviews for them. Its really hard to figure out. I’ve narrowed down 2 but not sure right now if i should make that investment.

One day we’ll all be rich !!


well i would normally ask how you did it, but something tells me there is no answer in this case. hope to see you on the billionaires list on forbes sometime!

thanx for your cool post scogeil:cool: :wink:

pipjake, You have that right.

[I][B](Not just a few of us, all)[/B][/I]


I wish i could say i made a million or more some day i will, What i will say is like many before me and sure many after me, when i first traded I lost money. What i think is key (and realize I am a newbie) is psychology. I have read alot and tried alot of things and having a rule based sytem is great but only if u are willing to follow the rules. For me this is the one thing I will have to overcome because more often then not I chicken out of a trade because i am either losing money or I want to take my profit. I think You can make real money by educating yourself and by following your system. Also a final note. For me I don’t want to get caught up on “money” I would rather think in terms of pips. Its all relative to How much you want to make and your money management. 10 pips coulod be 10 dollars or 1000 dollars either way it is PIPS baby :slight_smile: or is that babypips?