How much I can earn in Forex?

My start is not the best, very often my positions close with a stop loss so they are just losses. If I risk going in with a larger lot, I can sometimes earn 1000-2000 in a day, but I have to risk a lot, also I don’t know if it’s better to risk and earn a bigger amount or open a position with a small lots and make a lot of them. How much do you earn on forex per month?

Start think, how much you can lose, be patient. Good luck :slight_smile:


There is no limit to how much a person can earn in forex. If you are a good trader, the profits can be consistent but try not to be greedy in forex and control your emotions because the tables can turn anytime in forex if not careful.

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as said before
ask yourself
how much am I willing to lose ?

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I keep it at 1 or 2 % wins or losses, so even with a few losses in a row I don’t panic

Focus on managing your risk and getting pips. When you get profitable, that is when you can take more risk. Make sure to practice well to find out what is in your comfort zone and what works for you! Just see it like this. You need to earn the right to be able to trade with big lots. If you already have many losses, you have not earned the right to trade big yet.

The higher your profitability the more risk you can take, but it is not as simple as black and white. The potential is of humongous of course.

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