How much is 1 pip in BTC/USD?

Simple question: How much is 1 pip in BTC/USD?

Is it 0.0001?
Is it 0.01?

How much?


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Candidly. I don’t know of any cryptocurrency exchanges that are presently so far advanced as to have developed any manner of a Pips or Currency Swap model. I’d like to believe Kraken could be able to eventually develop such an advanced system for trading with Bitcoin. I believe they’re one of the more advanced exchanges for trading Bitcoin and similar. However, without the volume sufficient to support such a development, and with the CFTA not really “Getting involved” about Bitcoin as yet, and with the traditional Forex brokers not adventuring about Bitcoin beyond point of deposit or withdrawal of Bitcoin, candidly I don’t imagine there might be a Pips or Forex model for Bitcoin, on any near horizon.

I’ve taken a look at the Kraken exchange. I think it’s very well put together, technically, but it’s very limited in volume. The market rate advances, there, at a glacial pace for even the most popular currency pairs. Personally, I’ve yet to find a way to trade between currency pairs in Bitcoin without it going ultimately to a loss on the more high-dollar-valued end.

Maybe one day Bitcoin will have developed enough solvency to be recognized formally in Forex. I don’ t personally know of any time frame for such development, however.

Personally, though I think there are many valid criticisms about Bitcoin and similar Cryptocurrenies, but I do try to keep a continued interest about Bitcoin, however. I don’t know if many people in the Bitcoin Early Adopters community have really thought about exchange systems outside of the short ad-hoc transactions - however facilitating to the novelty of the Blockchain and the overall “Unicorn Vibe” so to speak. So far as the Bitcoin Mining interests, though I believe the market is fairly dense with large scale mining pools applying essentially “Brute force” computing technology in all of the Blockchain computations, I would like to believe there may be alternate ways to develop an efficient Bitcoin mining system without applying a few hundred FPGAs or ASICs in each individual form factor - for instance, in referencing the old MIT AI Labs’ AI Memos about Lisp Machine designs. However, I’m concerned that this naive thesis - which I candidly recognize is a naive thesis - that it may not be sufficient to ever gain enough popular momentum for the idea. Personally, I believe it’s become something of an alt-empires community. So far as there may be any shares of the State of the Art in Computing involved, I personally might just like to see what IBM comes up with, in Hyperledger. I wish good luck to anyone adventuring with Bitcoin, regardless.

There is this news today: Kraken to provide pricing data for new CME Group bitcoin products. Maybe a Bitcoin currency pair on FOREX could be possible, after all?