How much is a large trade size to the market

How much is a lot in forex money wise? Like is 5 lots a large trade amount to the forex market?

My suggestion for you just use maximum 10% of your desposit fund.

That completely does not answer the question.

Probably - but what was the question ? :slight_smile:

Filling in between the lines a little, I think the original question was or is how big a trade size does it take to move the market. So then you have to ask what market? How much of a move and what time i.e. high or low liquidity times and probably various other factors.

Ok - I think we’ll just differ on that one ! - (s)He was talking about 5 lots ! :laughing:

Why did you just start another thread with the exact same question? Spammer? bot?

What? I asked it again because no one here understood my question so i asked it again with more clarity? Why am I being accused of being a spammer or bot, I’ve been here for years…

Just clarify yourself in this thread. The question doesnt need multiple threads, it’s not that good, trust me. :rofl:

Thanks for that, maybe next time you can take a crack at answering it?

Read @TalonD 's post , nothing more to add

What happen both of you? someone just ask…and if you have the answer just write here…No need to fight…lol

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Hey @jayboii478, I’ll have a crack, and will possibly get a spray…

There is no real answer to your question. 5 lots is a large (Huge) position size for most retail traders… It all depends on the size of the account you are trading… Sort of like saying is a 2018 BMW 750 expensive?

Yes… to most people it’s eye wateringly expensive, but if your sitting with $5mil plus in the bank then $220k isn’t a big deal… for a car.

I’d imagine some Professional retail traders are running huge $500k + accounts and others are trading $200…

From what I have read over the last 3 - 4 years many “GUN Retail” Forex / Penny Stock traders that show their hand… appear to trade about ~$15.00 per pip or ~1.5 lots per position depending on the currency… possibly as part of their risk management.

Hope this gives a little insight into why the question is a hard one to answer definitively…

I can send you to an article by a Mathematician that researched this subject… It is on BP somewhere, I read a few years back. As @TalonD indicated each pair was various volumes… Let us know


you’re not trading in “the” market

you’re trading in “a” market

the market you’re trading in is a very tiny private market which exists only in the form of betting between you and your counterparty

the size of trades in “the” market isn’t recorded or monitored anywhere, when it happens, other than between the two financial institutions both of which constitute part of “the” market

the forex market, the interbank market, is decentralized

what’s relevant to you is whether 5 lots is a big trade in the market in which you’re engaged, which is one in which no currencies actually change hands when you open a “trade” (actually a bet) with your “broker” (actually counterparty)

a broker would have to be very tiny for 5 lots to be significant to them

what some of the larger, better run counterparty market-maker “brokers” do is offset their own NET liabilities with a liquidity provider, and sometimes that liquidity provider IS part and of the interbank market, i.e. “the” market … but not always

if you open 5 lots long at a time when the balance of your broker’s customers are short, it does some of their book balancing for them

if you open 5 lots long at a time when the balance of your broker’s customers are also long, that’s a trade that some “brokers” might want to offset

but in “the” (interbank) market, a significant trade is 500 lots, not 5 lots


Thank you that was helpful!

Thank you!! That was helpful

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thank you, that clears it up a bit for me!

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For me , I think it’s anything over 1 lot.

I don’t think, it’s a large trading lot actually! There have so many traders who are using much trading lots than the 5.

Standard Trading Account is the unit of large trading amount as I understand where 100000 is the standard amount for trading. However, you can wait for the experts of this forum to give you the best answer to your question as I am not so matured trader here.