How much is ur income per month from FOREX?

hi guys , just post ur income from forex …

Much more than my expenses. :wink:

my stats so far: no profit, no losses, no live trades…:frowning:

bank of america made over 700 mil in one year with forex, i guess you could say they did alright.

I’m still working with demos so no forex profits for me either.

How much I’ve made doesn’t apply to me, as yet. If the question was ‘How much have you got burn’t?’ I’d have been more of in a position to reply. Till then my journey continues. :o

…‘How much have you got burn’t?’…

In the beginning, I had the same problem.

Keep your head up, keep moving forward, and you will be fine.

All is good.

Welcome aboard, nanak12.

You want my tax return too? :rolleyes:

My returns are positive, but forex is a small portion of my overall trading activity. Are you wondering if you can earn enough each month to live on? Possibly. I think it’s a good idea to do a little research before you plunge in.
How about you, nanak? Any trades yet?

I think that ROI is more of an individual setup, which lines up with personal goals. I am sure Pipgod and Toptick will bear me out (excuse the pun :slight_smile: in the beginning it takes time (even after months of demo). It is also definitely relative to you initial capital that u invest like all investment vehicles.
You also have to remember that if you want to grow your initial investment it means you aint taking no cash out till u reach ur target amount which may take a few weeks to a few months before u pull cash.
Be patient and dodge greed for all that it is worth !!!
Anywayz thats my view, good luck I am sure with time u will see what you are personally capable of.
Oh…I dont disclose my fx finance not even to my goldfish :smiley: sorry

I have only been trading a live account for roughly one month. So far my income is about -400 pips. :eek:

Good Post! :cool:

Thanks for the encouragement pipgod. At times I find myself laughing after gaining some and loosing more than I’ve gained, such a roller coaster:confused: . Doubled my demo account in ten days, thought I was ready for the real thing but I was so wrong. Emotions at play.
Am learning to keep those emotions at bay and be always on the defense. You can be damn good in demo trading and fail miserably on a live account, and to be honest its to do with the money you have in the account and to a very large extent the emotions. Once these are held in check I believe am up a notch.
With a stiff upper lip, head held high and a clenched butt I’ll march on.

Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back. I always tell people to keep trading a demo after you open a live account. Trade the demo first and then the live account. The trades should match. If not, some emotional work is needed.

You will soon be beyond this.

Good Work!

My concentration is not that good when it comes to watching those many indicators, am impressed by your strategy. To be honest I find it easy to leave the screen as simple as possible: candle sticks and an MA. I get the feel of the market by watching price action. I’ve made two to three digit profits and losses based on half lot sizes.
I know the problem with the loss and I am almost sorted on that front.

Well that depends on how much you have invested. Bigger investment will always have bigger returns. Its pure mathematics. In Percentage i make around 10-15% a month. Which i think is quite good and safe.

I am earnig 10 to 20 % in a month
sometimes more then 20% but once in blue mood…if i check my yearly performance average , then it 15% monthly average
Not bad

No matter how much I am earning I just see my percentage and loss minimization. 15%to 20% profit is quite good for me . I think more we want more we put ourself in emotional trading. It is satisfying for me that I am a regular trader who is attached to this market since many years . I am getting something that is why am working here.