How much is

how much is 100 lots of micro for 10pips
would that be hundred dollars,and if the market go ten pip down i lost everything

Check your other thread and it’s probably best to refrain from starting multiple threads asking the same thing.

For one standard lot (100000$) with five digit decimals as I have on Hotforex, 1 pip cost is 10$. For 100 lots one pip will cost 10*1000=1000$ and 10 pips - 10K. For 4 digit decimals 1 pip cost of 1 standard lot is 100$.
Feel free to ask other questions;)

i don’t understand my account has five digits as i saw, but is micro and

do your broker offer a pip calculator, or you might want to go ahead and ask their support for clarity! do let us know how it goes!

jingoy, i found it man, and really sad check it out Profit Calculator - Forex SMS
example if a make a 100 volume trade micro account and win 10 pips my profit is about 7 gbp ONLY

Normally , everybroker offer it, or you can google for it.

myfxbook has the best calc IMO check it out.