How much money can a beginner in Forex make per day?

Maybe you can share some experience how you started trading forex, stocks and how much money you make per day?

Hi @laurapinne,

Recently there have been several discussion threads started on this forum by beginners like yourself:

We encourage you to read through them all, as our comments on the matter remain the same:

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It’s a nice question and also difficult. Because it’s completely depends on newcomers knowledge and experience, if anyone complete pips school with 6 months demo experience , there is a chance to get minimum profit without any risk.

Hi @Hadden,

It seems you are saying the goal for a newcomer should be to gain knowledge and experience, so they cease to be a beginner. If that is the case, then we agree with you.


its a simple calculation but practically it is not easy to achieve.

simple calculation always easy to achieve. but why not in here ? can you explain ?

Trading forex is can`t giving fixed income daily, this is high risk high return and will depending with each trader skill to manage money on uncertainty market condition, discipline with rules trading and also manage the risk properly, many new trader only look on profit target but less pay attention with the risk that involved

1 Like for this qns, should b… For new trader should I say how much u lost per day? Lol cos discipline is important, some new trader when hv losing trade they tend to hv revenge trading n end up account busted… As so for the qns how much can a trader earn per day… That is really v hard to say. Beside how the market work, also hv to see how much a trader trade per entry.

yes, if we want to ensure real trading discipline, first of all we have to make sure regular practice in trading, otherwise what actually discipline you cant understand when trading.

Discipline is good attitude on every business, included on forex trading need discipline to implemented plan trading based on money management and also risk management, trading with discipline also will get easiness to making evaluation which this is also become one step to make sharp trading skill

i want to know there is any different between money management and risk management ?

In my opinion, simplistically, money management is more concerned with strategic issues relating to deployment of assets and overall investment/trading objectives and parameters.

Risk management is more concerned with identifying and controlling the extent and nature of, and exposure to, potential gains and losses arising from specific transactions and situations.

But there is a broad overlap. That would be a good question for people here to think about. Maybe you should start a new topic for it!

i don’t think so there is a far different between two. MM and RM almost same and its target actually avoiding unfortunate risk and predict the market with certainly.

I once earned $ 30 at the first time trading in forex. And i’m happy to obtain that money.

It depends on the strategy and approach of the beginner which depict the earnings of a beginner. A beginner with a good money management plan can earn as much as he desires on the Forex market. Do you have a money management plan?

I do not understand why it was removed? I do not offer a holy grail for forex, just a useful tool for investment. Risk management is VERY important.

It was removed by the moderators because you are advertising a product for sale without agreeing terms for such advertising beforehand.

Perhaps you should contact them direct about that. I am sure you appreciate that a reputable site like BP cannot allow people to advertise anything and everything without some kind of control. Besides, as you can see around you, other vendors are paying for their advertising - which is how BP can continue to offer this facility.

Ok, thank you for the information