How much profit can l REALISTICALLY make trading starting with 500 dollars

Hey i am 8 months to forex trading.l came from the binary world with a profit of 3000 dollars from a 300 dollars investment during 4 months in Binary options. My question is how much do i expect to profit in forex after using demo account in forex for 8 months.


How much have you made on your demo forex account (not from binaries) during the 8 months?

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I have made around equivalent of 65,000 dollars

From how much capital?

You can work this out, surely?

If you made $65,000 from $100,000 capital in the demo, then over 8 months you made about 8% per month. If you do exactly the same with your $3,000 funded account, and make about the same 8% per month, that will be about $240 per month.

You’ve done extremely well, to put it mildly.

We should all be asking you for advice, not the other way round!

Good luck.


I am targeting to make atleast 2000 for dollars per month now as i grow , how can i do that realistically

Deposit $100k, realistic enough?


Whaaaaaat 100,000$ and making only 2% return per month… Is that worth it?


It’s an unrealistic question, really, because the purpose of trading with a $500 account isn’t to make money. It’s to gain experience and practice.

You still haven’t said from how much capital (on demo) you made $65,000.

Work it out, from that, on a percentage basis.

Even if you manage to make 5% per month, instead of 2%, that’s still only $25 per month, if you start with $500.

But VERY few people (and no beginners) manage to make 5% steadily, per month.

Your expectations are unreasonable, aren’t they?

This is the thread you need:-


Can you teach us your binary strategy?


So how much would you advice i start with?


I would also be interested. Im new here and need help. Thank you sir


Very Very good forex traders return 5% a month.
You have to be realistic if you want to make money long term.


That would be great… :wink:

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It depends on how much you want to make… small capital will invest small profit with small risk…


:smiley::smiley::smiley: If it’s 5% then i have to invest big time right?


Yes, the more money you deposit, the more you’re going to make… with risk management of course! So where’s your binary strategy? :smiley:


If you’re among the tiny minority who (after hundreds of hours of education and thousands of hours of screen-time practice) can steadily make 5% per month, then to average out at $2,000 per month, you’ll need $40,000 capital, according to the rules of arithmetic.

You have a long learning-curve ahead of you, and we’re all wishing you good luck with it, while at the same time trying to keep your expectations reasonable and realistic, because you mentioned “$500” in the title, and we all know that the chances of you making $2,000 per month from that are precisely zero.


I always prefer more money to kick off a real account, because market is much volatile most of the time , that’s why there is no chance to survive here within minor balance.


Extremely helpful thanks

Will post a link here… Because i want you guys t9 view it in Google Docs format online

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