How much money do you make Trading?

This question mainly goes out to the full time traders out there who do this for a living but anyone can answer!

I was curious how much money all of you make from forex trading every week/month?

Whats your biggest single gain / loss?

Are you serious? Nobody is going to open their personal finances to you — certainly not on an internet site.

The traders who are making tons of money are the traders who will guard their private information most closely.
You won’t hear from them.

The traders who are just barely profitable — if they answer you at all —will exaggerate their success, and tell you that they’re making tons of money.

And the chronic losers will say whatever soothes their ego. Whatever they tell you will be totally useless information.

Would you post accurate information on this website, or on any website, about your personal finances?
I hope you’re smart enough to say “no”.

If someone asked me how much i make trading each week i would answer them just as people ask me how much i earn at a day job every week.

I guess everyones different.

Yeah, you seriously can’t expect anybody to answer your questions accurately.

However, you may get a couple of people who explain their wins/losses with a percentage or a pip count.