How much money?

Hi my name is Milan.I have problem to understand:

If I open account with 250$ and have 10,000$ on fx account and if i open position with 1,000$ at 11,800 and close position at 12,500 how much money i have now and what is a “formula” to calculate that?

My english is bad but i hope anyone who read this would NOT give me a hard time. :smiley: and answer my question.

What currency pair are you talking about?

It doesent mater wich currency pair that is only the example.i made it up.

It does in that 1000 in a non-USD base pair (i.e. EUR/USD) has a fixed $ value per pip while 1000 of a USD base pair (like USD/JPY) does not.

Regardless, though, the change in your position value is the same % as the change in the exchange rate. You example represents an increase of about 5.9% in the rate. That means a $1000 position would rise in value by about $59.

Thanks. I didn’t know that. here is my msn email <> , I would like to have you as my contact because you look like a person who can answer my questions and msn is fastest way.

What in the ****??? did that mean? I hope you got your question answered.